Oak Hill travels to face Tri-County in playoff match

Brian Hamilton
Daily Times Leader

Oak Hill will look to try and force a rematch with region foe and number 1-seed Marshall Academy, but first the Raiders must get past a first-round road game against the Tri-County Rebels.

The Raiders finished in third-place in MAIS AA District 1 with a district record of 2-2, but due to the power point standings Oak Hill will have to travel to face the Rebels, who finished with a district record of 1-3.

“There’s five districts in each state and the (disctrict) winner is ranked in the top five and six through 16 seeds are based off of the point system,” Oak Hill head coach Chris Craven said. “You could have came in second or third in your district and not make it if you didn’t have enough power points.”

Craven said his team was probably one win away from having home field advantage tonight in the playoffs.

“If we had won one more game we probably would have had enough power points to be probably the number eight or seven seed,” Craven said.

Craven said the Raiders and Rebels are former district foes and the two programs are quite familiar with one another.

“We had some slugfests together,” Craven said. “They’re big and physical and we’ve got to go play a really good game.”

The Rebels have finished the last two seasons as Class AA state runner-up, but are having a bit of a down season in 2017, sitting at 6-4 and 1-3 in region play.

Regardless of the record, Craven says his team has to be prepared for a well-coached ball team and a big opposing crowd.

“Once you start getting into the playoffs, you start facing the best of the best,” Craven said. “They’re a football school and their entire field is going to be wrapped with people. Playing a football game at Tri-County is kind of like going to junior college game, fan-base wise.”

Craven said the Raiders plan to take a good crowd to Flora tonight as well.

“Our stands on our side will be packed. I would be willing to say that if you ask our opponents, they’d say that Oak Hill travels well,” Craven said. “Our supporters come out and support us even on the road. There’s games where we go play, that we have more fans than the opponent does.”