Northside Church to welcome Ugandan Kids Choir

 Northside Church to welcome Ugandan Kids Choir
Staff Writer

The children in the Ugandan Kids Choir bring a message of hope by sharing the power of God’s love through traditional music and dance.

Each choir is made up of 10 sponsored children who come from the poorest parts of Uganda. The children are chosen for their enthusiasm, ability, and dedication, all of which make them potential leaders when they return to their communities.

The Ugandan Kids Choir is sponsored by Child Care World Wide and will be at Northside Christian Church, Sunday, Feb. 11, at the 11 a.m. worship service.

"We are looking forward to meeting these children from Uganda," said Rev. Orlando Richmond of Northside Christian Church. "There will be 10 children, five boys and five girls, to sing and dance for us. They are accompanied by two chaperones and four organizers. They are part of a U.S. tour that are visiting churches across the nation. I was very pleased they asked to come to our church."

Richmond said the children will be arriving today, and will be staying at host homes of members of Northside.

"We asked what the children would like to eat," Richmond said. "We were very amused to hear they wanted hamburgers and hot dogs. We were asked to offer them fruit not desserts with processed sugar. I know the host families will be happy to comply. Tonight they will be performing at the Omnova Theater in the Rosenzweig Arts Center in Columbus."

Richmond said the children would have a study time at the church fellowship hall before leaving for Columbus.

"Saturday there will be a youth fellowship and play at the church," Richmond said. "We want to offer the children a fun experience and it will be good for our children to play and interact with the Ugandan children."

Richmond said many of the children are orphans. Uganda is a country of extremes, extreme poverty and extreme wealth. These children have lost one or both parents, and are extremely poor. In Uganda, the current life expectancy is 44 years old. Child Care World Wide is a Christian child sponsorship ministry dedicated to improving lives and building a future for poor children around the world.

"Child Care World Wide is a reputable organization," Richmond said. "I was extremely pleased when they contacted me about coming to Northside. We hope people who are interested will come to our morning worship service to see the the children. They will have wardrobe changes and perform in traditional African garb. Some of the songs will be easily recognized, and there will be dancing."
Richmond explained Northside Church will be going to Jackson next week to visit the new Civil Rights Museum.

"Both of these events coincide perfectly with our Black History Month Celebration," Richmond said. "We want to impress upon our young people about what Black history means. It is a way to see where we come from. Both events are wonderful learning tools, not just for children, but for all of us."

Richmond said he was sent videos from Child Care World Wide of the organization and what they are doing to provide a better life for the children.

"The video was very inspiring," Richmond said. "All of these kids are just so inspirational. We are hoping to attract several sponsors for the children. We hope if someone can't afford to be a sponsor, they would consider making a donation. This is a wonderful Christian organization who is helping children in impoverished countries and they could use our help."

For more information about Child Care World Wide visit their website at