New sub shop opens in West Point

George Derico is behind the counter at Derico's Sub Palace, West Point's newest sandwich shop.
Staff Writer

George Derico with his wife Angela, Tyrone Robinson and Monica Robinson, are the owners of Derico's Sub Palace. Derico grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and loved to eat at Desalvos Subs growing up. That was his inspiration to open a sandwich shop of his own.

"I love a good sandwich with a lot of meat," Derico said. "The more meat, the more love. That's what we do here at Derico's. We offer Chicago Italian beef, a shrimp sub, and the turkey, ham, roast beef, Philly cheese steak and cold cut subs."

The shop is located at 26044 West Main Street in West Point.

He plans to have a catfish sub, jerk chicken and a hamburger sub, to have a different genre of flavors. The shop also has chicken wings and salads for those not in the mood for a sandwich.

"We are so pleased with the support from the community," Derico said. "We had a soft opening first and after the ribbon cutting people started coming in. We've run out of food a couple of times. That's great."

He wants the community to say, "Lets go eat at the Palace tonight."

Derico is renting the building from Gary Turner and is thankful to him for all his help.

"Gary Turner has been a mentor to me," Derico said. "He has given me all kinds of advice. I appreciate him and everything he's done."

He said the location is good as it's right on Main Street and will be convenient to the new Justice Court building when it is completed. Derico said there are many opportunities here in West Point.

"I'm of African-American and Italian descent," Derico said. "I want to bring both types of flavors to Derico's Sub Palace, because that's what it represents. We have something for everyone."

He is using the WOW model for his business; Work the sub, Own the sub and Win the customers over with the sub.

"Customer service is the top priority here," Derico said. "We want to offer something you can't get anywhere else. Great food and great customer service."

The family also has a great support system and roots in West Point.

"I'd love to eventually franchise out," Derico said. "Help someone else to become a business owner. I want to be an example to my kids. I want them to see that you start with an idea and go with it. Everyone has ideas. Make them real."

Derico's Sub Palace hours of operation are, 11a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.