New Green Wave boy’s basketball coach introduced at Rotary

Brian Hamilton
Daily Times Leader

While the Green Wave hosted ‘Meet the Greenies’ on Thursday night, the West Point Rotary Club decided to get in on its own version Thursday.

The West Point Rotary Club welcomed new Green Wave boy’s basketball head coach Donta Yates to the club during the weekly luncheon.

Yates played college basketball at Tougaloo College and has spent the last three seasons as head coach at Northside High School in Ft. Worth.

Yates gave those in attendance a basketball schedule and a list of the team rosters, along with short biographies of his varsity team.

Many think of NBA legend Phil Jackson’s use of meditation to be an unorthodox from of training, but Yates has his team doing yoga as a weekly practice routine.

“Since I’ve taken the position, we have yoga on Tuesdays. Tracy – from the wellness center – comes down and does Yoga with us,” Yates said. “I think it is important to keep the guys flexible and get them used to different movements.”

Some of the audience’s questions revolved around defense and foul shooting. When asked why players struggle so much from the foul line, Yates said it is not as much to do with practice as people think.

“We practice a lot of free throws, but I think a lot of kids just get nervous,” Yates said. “When they step up to the line, just the pressure of everyone in the gym watching them; the fear of failure and not making the basket.”

Yates also said he places a high importance on defense.

“Our guys are having a hard time accepting that they’re going to have to play defense,” Yates said.

The team will be in action this Saturday, Oct.28, with a jamboree at New Hope High School, where Yates says the teams will scrimmage against one another for approximately one-half of a regulation game.

The regular season tips off on Saturday, Nov. 4 at West Point High School for the West Point Classic.

“I’m excited about the season. I hope you all are too,” Yates said. “I look forward to seeing you all come out and just enjoy being a part of what’s going on this year.”