New Christmas decorations installed downtown

West Point Water and Light employees David Ellis, Curt Ward, Devon Allday and Ben Davis installed new Christmas wreaths downtown.
Staff Writer

New Christmas wreaths have been installed on light posts downtown to kick off the holiday season.

Growth Alliance Director Lisa Klutts said the purchase of the new wreaths was the second year project of a four year plan to update West Point’s Christmas decorations.

“We wanted something classic,” she said. “We didn’t want to just buy new garland. We wanted something unique to West Point.”

Klutts said the project for the first year was to install new decorations on Highway 45, and next year will continue with downtown with more lighted decorations to replace the tinsel candles. The fourth year project will be to purchase decorations for Sally Kate Winters Park and the fountain.

“We want to go with a winter wonderland theme for the park,” she said. “I would like to have a winter wonderland event in the park in the future.”

Klutts said the new decorations were funded by tourism tax money, donations from the community and money raised during West Point Pickers in 2015 when original Christmas decorations and street signs were sold.

Klutts said another West Point Pickers will take place in 2018.

Klutts also said the new decorations were put up early this year for several reasons.

“It’s not every day we buy new Christmas decorations, so we were excited to put them up,” she said.

Klutts said the West Point Water and Light Department installed the decorations using a bucket truck.

“Working with the electric department, we weren’t sure how long they would take to put up,” she said.