Mississippi Sweets offers a change from traditional desserts

Mississippi Sweets offered harvest boxes for Thanksgiving as a new and different spin on Thanksgiving desserts
Staff Writer

Wendy McMullen, owner of Mississippi Sweets, shared some of her Thanksgiving traditions growing up and what she was offering during the Thanksgiving holiday and will have during the Christmas season.

"During Thanksgiving when I was growing up was the holiday we all got together and ate," McMullen said. "We would go to my grandmother's house. It was really small, and packed full of family, So if it was cold, we would hang visqueen all around the carport and bring out a heater. There would be tables set up and we would eat out there."

She said they always had hominy casserole, chicken and dumplings, and wonderful food that will always mean Thanksgiving at her grandmother's house.

"She's the one who inspired me to become a baker," McMullen said. "She had a bright orange serving platter with lots of sections and she would put different types of homemade candies in them. She was always cooking things to make the holiday extra special."

McMullen had created harvest boxes with a dozen cupcakes, each a different flavor for Thanksgiving this year.

"I had decided to take it easy this year. I wanted to do something different," McMullen said. "I baked specialty cakes when they were ordered, but I wanted to do something no one else was doing. The harvest boxes were a hit."

She thought they would be easy to serve and they are big enough to share. McMullen said there is a wide variety in those boxes.

McMullen said she would have caramel cakes, chocolate, strawberry and Italian creme by special order.

"I have two Christmas weddings coming up, so I'm already busy," McMullen said. "I want to offer cookie sets. Holly leaves and berries and poinsettia decorated cookie platters will make a perfect edible centerpiece. Mini wreath cupcakes can be a great addition to make the holiday table festive and you can eat them, chocolate Santas painted with edible dust in bronze, gold and silver."

McMullen said she will have hot chocolate sets with home-made cocoa and marshmallows and a chocolate dipped spoon.

"I have plans to do a pop-up shop here at the store, Wednesday, Dec. 20 through Friday Dec. 22," McMullen said. "I'll have the cookie trays, cupcake wreaths, hot chocolate, spiced tea and potpourri bags to simmer on the stove."

She said she grew up with bags of simmering potpourri and that to her is the smell of Christmas and she wants to share that tradition with others.