McGee retires from WPPD after nearly three decades

Retiring West Point Police Lt. Stanley McGee accepts a framed uniform shirt, tie and badge from Police Chief Avery Cook (center) and City Administrator Randy Jones (left).
Staff Writer

A veteran West Point Police officer is hanging up his shield. And that means the fish better beware.

Lt. Stanley McGee was honored Thursday by the department and the city with a luncheon and send off, that including a plaque and memorabilia from his career, which spanned 28 years.

While he has seen the city and the department grow and worked numerous cases -- good and bad -- his most memorable incident happened early in his career and offered a very basic lesson.

"I was a rookie in the early 1990s and I was responding to a domestic violence call. I was responding by myself because everyone else was tied up on other calls. I got to the apartment complex and it was really dark. I got out and was approaching the apartment and the man who was the suspect came running out. I went to turn on my flashlight and it didn't come on. I always remember that feeling, home the dangers," McGee recalled, adding he learned the lesson to always check his flashlight batteries.

He said he knew it was time to retire.

"When it's not fun anymore, you decide it's time to go. I've gotten to that point. It's not fair to all these men and women for me to stay," he explained. "I will miss being around these guys. I've worked with many of these men and women for a long time. It's a family, we've become real close. That's what I'll miss the most," he added.

As for the future?

"Oh, I'm going to be doing something...traveling and fishing," McGee stated, noting crappie fishing is his favorite.