Mayor and Board of Selectmen sworn into office

Mayor Robbie Robinson and the Board of Selectmen were sworn into office by 16 Judicial District Circuit Judge Lee Coleman.
Staff Writer

West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson and the Board of Selectmen were sworn into office during a ceremony at West Point City Hall yesterday morning.

Ward 1 Selectman Leta Turner, Ward 2 Selectman William Binder, Ward 3 Robinson, Selectman Ken Poole, Ward 4 Selectman Keith McBrayer and Ward 5 Selectman Jasper Pittman all raised one hand and placed the other on a Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, Constitution of Mississippi and the ordinances of West Point during the ceremony.

"This is a special occasion for family, friends and our community," Robinson said during his opening remarks at the ceremony, which drew a large crowd. "It makes me proud to see so many people here today who support our legislation and our city, and we're going to continue to make progress because we love this city."

The mayor and selectmen were sworn in by 16th Judicial District Circuit Judge Lee Coleman, except for McBrayer who was sworn in by his brother Justice Court Judge Chris McBrayer.

Reverend Orlando Richmond, Sr. gave the invocation, and Chief Administrative Officer Randy Jones led the Pledge of Allegiance. Following the ceremony, refreshments were available, and the new board had the opportunity to socialize with those who attended.

Robinson, Binder, Poole, McBrayer and Pittman were elected during the primary election on May 2. Turner won the runoff between herself and Linda Hannah on May 16.