Main Street Design Project plants trees in downtown West Point

Trees were delivered at Pass It On earlier this week.
Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The West Point Main Street Design Project purchased about 50 trees and are in the process of planting them in Downtown West Point.

“Our town would benefit from more greenery because, not only is it beautiful, but it is shady in the summer and good for the environment,” Kathy Dyess, chairperson of the Main Street Design Project, said.

Design Committee Member Deborah Mansfield said the Main Street Design Project held the Plant a Dream fundraiser last May to raise money to purchase the trees. Participants painted pictures of trees and then auctioned them, raising about $8,000.

Mansfield said Main Street Design Project has purchased $3,500 worth of 10-to-12-foot willow oaks, overcup oaks and crepe myrtles.

“Some will go in Sally Kate Winters Park and around the walking trail at the park,” Mansfield said. “Three trees will frame the Howlin’ Wolf mural on Main Street. They will be planted within the next few months.”