Little Caesars reveals opening date

General manager J.T. Gathings and owner of the new West Point Little Caesars Tommy King are getting everything ready to open the store on Highway 45, Tuesday, Nov. 14.
Staff Writer

Tommy King, owner of Little Caesars in West Point has plans to open his new store in the former Hoovers Bakery location, Tuesday, Nov. 14.

"I couldn't believe no one had put a store in West Point," King said. "I knew it would be a perfect fit here. This is a great location, right on the highway. I am really excited to bring Little Caesar's to West Point."

King said he plans to start with 36 employees, as it will take a while to get everyone trained and ready to open for business.

"We are a take-out service," King said. "Our claim to fame is our Hot-N-Ready pizzas for $5, wings, crazy bread and Italian bread. These are the ones you don't have to order. We have them ready to go. We also do call in custom orders.”

King said he will be at the West Point location for the next month to help get everything going and will still be in and out during the weeks to come.

"This is store number six," King said, "I have locations in Philadelphia, that was my first one, Forrest, Kosciusko, in Mississippi, and Livingston and Demopolis, Alabama. And now in West Point."
King said everyone from the city of West Point has been great. He said Henson Construction was remodeling the building and Cadence Bank helped make Little Caesar's arrival in West Point a positive endeavor.

L.T. Gathings is the West Point location's general manager.

"We make our dough here fresh every day," Gathings said. "We have deep dish as well as the regular crust, We can make you crazy bread curst or stuffed crust pizza. If you want it, call and ask us to make it."

Gathings said he was looking forward to serving customers as general manager. He said the store is King's baby, but it's Gathings's show.

"We pride ourselves on being reasonably priced," Gathings said. "Even if you ask for a large pizza with every topping we have, it would not be more than $14. Most of the pizza's we make with a lot of toppings are around $10. We want to give our customers the best we can for a good price."

King said they use only 100 percent mozzarella cheese, no substitutes. He said the ingredients are fresh, never frozen.

"We tend to talk about our value more than anything else," King said. "But we are proud of our ingredients and the fresh dough. Yes, we do offer a great value for the money, but we serve a quality product."

King said he and his staff will be making pizzas as fast as they can for the opening. He said he wants every customer who walks in the door to feel like a VIP.