Hebron Girls win sixth straight

McKinsey Wedel finished with eight points in the Lady Eagles' win over Strider Academy Friday night.
Staff Writer

The Lady Eagles won their sixth consecutive game on Friday night by beating Strider Academy 41-21. Hebron head coach William Cotton was a bit more pleased with his team than he has been in recent games, after the win.

“Our performance, excluding the first quarter, was pretty good,” Cotton said. “We only had one free throw and one basket in the first quarter. Our shooting was just cold as ice, but we came back and outscored them in the second quarter.”

Hebron Christian trailed 12-3 at the end of the first quarter, but used its trademark defense to tie the game at 15-15 going into halftime.

“I still wasn’t happy, because 15 points is not production for us, in my book,” Cotton said regarding the first half. “We went in and we talked about it at halftime. We were doing everything right except putting the ball in the basket.”

From that point forward, the Lady Eagles did put the ball in the basket, while keeping Strider Academy from doing so. Hebron only allowed six points in the entire second half, turning a 15-15 tie into a 41-21 victory.

“My defense just seems to be getting stronger and stronger. I was extremely happy with the defense,” Cotton said. “With our offense, we have just got to find a way to shoot a higher percentage. I’m not talking about long three-pointers we’re missing. We are missing layups and shooting at the bottom of the rim.”

Cotton said that his team does a good job of making all the shots in practice but it just isn’t translating to the game setting.

“You can come watch us in practice and they’ll knock the eyes out of it over and over,” Cotton said. “We just can’t get it, on the floor, during a game. To have any chance at making a run in January, we’e going to have to improve our shooting percentage and find a way to get the ball in the basket.”

While Cotton is proud of his team’s defensive effort, he did express concern for the Lady Eagles’ offensive woes.

“Good defense will help you, but the further you go, the stronger your competition is going to get,” Cotton said. “Defense will only carry you so far. We’ve got to produce some offense.” Despite getting her third foul in the second quarter, Rachael

McGrew finished with 10 points.

Micah Thompson also added 10, while McKinsey Wedel finished with eight. Eliana Carter scored seven and Caralee Smith had six.

Hebron’s girls team is eyeing a three-peat this season after losing much of its scoring output from a season ago. The Lady Eagles will have a bit of a break to work on their offensive game before participating in the East Webster Holiday Tournament from Dec. 28-30.