Hebron girls take District, boys finish second


The Hebron Christian School Eagles saw several brilliant performances from both of its teams at the MAIS District 3 - 1A track meet against Columbus Christian at Marshall Academy.

The Hebron girls varsity squad won the district, while the boys team finished second.

“I was very pleased with the performance,” girls coach William Cotton said. “The girls represented the school very well.”

Cotton then bragged on Eliana Carter’s performance.

“She was involved in five races and finished first in all five events,” Cotton said. “We had a bunch of seventh graders competing with the high school. They did pretty good. Without their help we wouldn’t have won the track meet.”

Cotton specifically cited seventh grader Lindsey Daniels for her performance.

All athletes who placed fourth or better will advance to the North Half Track Meet at Lee Academy in Clarksdale. The field event will be on Wednesday, April 25 and the finals for running events will be on Saturday, April 28.

Hebron girls results:

400 meter relay: 1st 
Team: Eliana Carter, Destiny Smith, McKinsey Wedel, Rachael McGrew 

800 meter relay: 1st
Team: Eliana Carter, Paityn Fulgham, McKinsey Wedel, Rachael McGrew 

1600 meter relay: 1st
Team: Anna Borst, Lindsey Daniels, Alyssa Clerk, Ainsley Bigham

3200 meter relay 2nd
Team: Sarah Cantrell, Sarah Cliett, Abby Staton, Anna Borst

100 meter dash
Eliana Carter: 1st
Destiny Smith: 3rd

200 meter dash
McKinsey Wedel: 1st
Rachael McGrew: 2nd

400 meter dash
Ainsley Bigham: 1st
Alyssa Clerk: 2nd

800 meter run
Anna Borst: 2nd
Sarah Cantrell: 4th

1600 meter run 1st
Anna Borst: 1st

100 meter hurdles 
Eliana Carter: 1st
Elisha Carter: 3rd

300 meter hurdles
Lindsey Daniels: 1st
Anna Borst: 4th

Girls shot put
Rachael McGrew: 1st
McKinsey Wedel: 2nd

Girls triple jump
Eliana Carter: 1st
Katelyn Hill: 2nd

Girls long jump
Katelyn Hill: 3rd
Abby Staton: 4th

Boys results:

400 meter relay: 2nd
Team: Dillon Dupont, Evin Pilkington, Bradley Scott, Doug Loden 

800 meter relay: 1st
Team: Jon Garrett Lowe, Evin Pilkington, Bradley Scott, Doug Loden

1600 meter relay: 2nd
Team: Dillon Dupont, Jon Garrett Lowe, Brogan White, Evin Pilkington 

3200 meter relay: 2nd
Team: Gunter Reed, Dash Turman, Aaron Woodson, Adrian Borst

100 meter dash
Bradley Scott: 3rd
Dillon Dupont: 4th

200 meter dash
Bradley Scott: 1st
Doug Loden: 3rd

400 meter dash
Jon Garrett Lowe: 3rd
John McGrew: 4th

800 meter run
Aaron Woodson: 3rd
Dash Turman: 4th

1600 meter run
Adrian Borst: 3rd
Jackson Langley: 4th

3200 meter run
John McGrew: 3rd
Kenneth O’Brian: 4th

110 meter high hurdles
Brogan White: 3rd
Gunter Reed: 4th

300 meter hurdles
Adrian Borst: 3rd
Kenneth O’ Brian: 4th

Boys discus 
John McGrew: 3rd
Jackson Langley: 4th

Boys shot put
Jackson Langley: 3rd
John McGrew: 4th

Boys triple jump
Doug Loden: 2nd
Adrian Borst: 4th

Boys long jump
Doug Loden: 1st
Bradley Scott: 3rd