GTPDD meets with Clay County Advisory Board for yearly meeting

Staff Writer

The Golden Triangle Planning and Development District met with the Clay County Advisory Committee to nominate and vote for the GTPDD board member (term 2020- 2024) and Advisory Chairman for 2020. RB Davis was reappointed as board member and Luke Lummus was reappointed as Advisory Chairman.
Trish Jones, administrative assistant for GTPDD, read the minutes of the previous meeting, July 11, 2019.

The Clay County Justice Court Complex was under the umbrella of the GTPDD, and they were a large part of making the center a reality. The project summary of Leasing Corp for the complex was $4,015,000.
"We had outgrown the Clay County Court House building," Lummus said. "It has been so nice to have room for everything that takes place in Justice and Circuit courts."
Lummus said remodeling the building with through the GTPDD Leasing Corp saved the county at least 3 million dollars.
"With your help and Jackie Edwards with Community Counseling Services," Lummus said. "We have a great facility with plenty of room. Going through the GTPDD, we didn't have to worry about archives and history. We have had other counties show interest in how we went about the renovation of an existing building for a new Justice Complex."

Rudy Johnson, executive director of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District, spoke about what they were doing to help the elderly population of Clay County, who are able to remain in their homes.
"We are offering legal programs for the elderly," Johnson said. "We can help them prepare wills, assign Power of Attorney, any legal issue they may need assistance with. We have all sorts of programs to help with the aging population."
Johnson said they are in 108 homes in Clay County with 18,143 hours of services.
"We help with housekeeping," Johnson said. "Domestic type help. Everyone wants to stay in their own home as long as possible. We help them remain at home, rather than going to a retirement home."
Nurses and social workers go into the homes to assess the situation and see what GTPDD can do for them.

"We have a nutrition program," Johnson said. "It delivers meals to 223 people in Clay County. We received extra monies due to COVID-19 and have been able to add people who were on our waiting list."

The GTPDD have 19 young people whom they are helping with job placement.
"Students who are at risk fall into this category," Johnson said. "They work with counselors to learn work ethic, the importance of being on time, how to dress for a job interview and how to speak to someone who is considering them for employment. But work ethic is key."
Johnson said it gives business owners an opportunity to see how the students work out with 80 hours paid for by GTPDD.
"Students may be hired part-time or full time," Johnson said. "After the initial 80 hours are up. It is a great program. A win-win for the students and the business owners."