Fred’s armed robbery, other old cases on docket

DTL Staff
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A host of assault and other cases involving violence dating back four years head a list of almost four-dozen cases on the docket for the first week of the two-week term of Clay County Circuit Court that starts Monday.

Drug, forgery, burglary and other charges are among those on the docket to be heard by Judge Lee Coleman.

One of those includes a July 5, 2014 break-in at a West Point apartment where a woman was assaulted, according to Circuit Court documents.

Three people — 29-year-old Antone Logan, his sister, 36-year-old Bronica Logan, and 30-year-old James Minor — were charged in connection with the incident.

The charges range from burglary to attempting to commit assault.

The case has lingered for several reasons, including the fact Antone Logan fled the area after being arrested on other occasions for possession of drugs with intent to distribute, possession of Lortab and possession of cocaine, according to court records.

He was on the run for more than a year before being caught last fall.
Antone Logan’s drug cases also are on the docket for this week.

Minor is scheduled for Jan. 14 and the Logans are set for Jan. 16.
In another case that’s almost four years old, Corey Haughton and 40-year-old Lantra Haughton are charged with aggravated assault for the April 21, 2015, attack on 45-year-old Fontay Taylor with either a metal pipe or board.

Taylor was struck in the face and partially lost vision in one eye, court records state.
The Haughton cases are set for Jan. 14.
Several cases involving 40-year-old George Mario Gill are on the docket, but it’s unclear whether anything will be done pending mental evaluations.

Gill’s record dates back to a burglary conviction in Clay County in 1999 and a cocaine possession conviction in Oktibbeha County in 2003. He has an aggravated assault charge pending from a 2013 incident, malicious mischief charge from a 2014 attack on a woman’s car, and an arson charge stemming from an Oct. 7, 2015 incident in which he set clothes and other items on fire in the Clay County Jail.

All of his cases are on the docket for Wednesday.
Dmitre Townsend, the 20-year-old who is charged with the July 14, 2017, armed robbery of Fred’s in downtown West Point, is on the docket for Monday but also could be delayed pending a mental evaluation, according to court records.

That evaluation was ordered in October.
In their victim impact statement, the cashier who Townsend tried to rob and two managers in the store at the time describe a harrowing experience.
Store manager Lisa Shane recounts how she and assistant manager Teresa Jolly were in the office when they heard yelling. When they looked from the office to the cashier area, they saw cashier Angelica Poe being confronted by a gun-toting bandit demanding she open the cash register.

Poe told him she didn’t have the key and would have to get a manager to open the register. As Jolly called 911, Shane watched as the attacker, later identified as Townsend, yanked Poe from her aisle. As she fell to the floor, she begged the man not to shoot her.

As the man kept yelling for Poe to get the manager to the cash register, a stock man ran out the back. As police pulled up to the front of the store, Poe was able to flee out the back, as did the would-be robber.

The store was closed for the rest of the day and the staff has undergone counseling as a result of the experience.
And aggravated assault and kidnapping charges against 46-year-old Cody Maharrey, of Corinth, also are set for Monday. Those charges stem from the Sept. 26, 2015 attack on another Corinth woman who he’d been in a relationship with.

The woman was beaten and strangled and in a victim impact statement, said she fears that unless her attacker is made to understand actions carry consequences, his next victim could be killed.
“I want him to understand what he did was wrong and his actions have consequences,” the woman wrote.