Floyd to discuss 'The Barrens' at LWB

Author John Floyd is coming to speak about his latest anthology "The Barrens" at noon, Thursday, April 11, at the Bryan Public Library during the Luncheon With Books series, sponsored by Friends of the Library.
Staff Writer

Mississippi State University graduate and Attala County native John Floyd has made many appearances at the Bryan Public Library over the years.

Floyd, who in 2018 was named the winner of The Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer Award for lifetime achievement in the writing of short mystery fiction, returns to West Point to sign copies of his latest collection of mystery/suspense short stories, "The Barrens.”

Floyd will visit the Bryan Public Library at noon on Thursday, April 11, for Luncheon With Books, sponsored by Friends of the Library. Autographed, first-edition copies of “The Barrens” will be available. This is Floyd’s seventh book-length collection, all of which have been published by Dogwood Press of Brandon.

“The ideas, as I always tell my students, come from any place and every place,” Floyd said. “People you know, headlines you see in the newspaper. Things that happen to you or your friends and family. And if the situation doesn’t sound quite interesting enough, ask yourself, 'What if such-and-such happened?’ and go from there."

Floyd is well-known for his mysteries, appearing in many different publications all over the United States.

“With ‘The Barrens,’ most of the fun in writing these was in creating plot twists and reversals that I hoped the reader wouldn’t see coming," Floyd said. "That’s the kind of thing I myself like to run into when I’m reading a story.”

The work of Floyd, who has written well over 1,000 published short stories and features since 1994, can be found in nationally-read publications like Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Woman’s World, The Strand Magazine, and the Saturday Evening Post.

“John set the bar awfully high with Rainbow’s End, his first story collection, but The Barrens just might be his best,” Joe Lee, editor-in-chief of Dogwood Press, said. “From the first page to the last keystroke, it’s remarkably visual writing that never once loses momentum from story to story, genre to genre. If you’ve never read short stories, this is the place to start.”

Friends of the Library President Lucille Armstrong and Floyd have been friends for many years and he is on the list of her favorite authors that come to Luncheon With Books.

"We are always happy to hear John has published another book," Armstrong said. "Because we know he will be paying us a visit. Many people think that collections of short stories don't do as well as a full length novel. Well, John Floyd continues to prove that theory wrong."
Lunch is provided for those in attendance with a $6 donation to Friends of the Library.