Fifth Street awaiting benchmark test results

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Fifth Street Junior High Principal Richard Bryant said during Monday’s West Point Consolidated School District Board meeting that the school was waiting on the results from the benchmark test they took prior to Spring Break.
Bryant said about 40 students were sick with the flu during the benchmark test, so they had to test those students late and were now waiting for the results.
WPCSD Superintendent Burnell McDonald said the school was aiming to improve from an F to at least a D score.
“The goal is to improve,” McDonald said. “ A D would be an improvement, but we are really shooting for a C.”
Bryant also said during the meeting that an employee from the Mississippi Department of Education visited the school on March 7. Bryant said she offered advice on how to further improve the school by setting goals for individual students in math and language arts and beginning individual development for teachers.
“We are really optimistic with the results we’re seeing,” Bryant said. “We think we will meet our goal or exceed it.”
Bryant said the benchmark test results will be available at the next School Board meeting.