Excel By 5 hosts Town Hall meeting

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

West Point Excel By 5 is holding a Town Hall Meeting from 6 – 7 p.m. Monday, February 29, at East Side Kindergarten. Parents and grandparents of children ages birth to 5. are encouraged to attend, but the event is open to everyone. Entertainment will be provided by East Side Kindergarten students during a presentation celebrating Black History Month. Jacqueline G. Gray is principal of East Side.
“We try to have a Town Hall meeting at least once a year,” Sherri White, certification manager for West Point Excel By 5, said. “We send parent surveys home with the students and ask that they be filled out and returned. We discuss the answers that the parents have provided during the meeting. We share information about what Excel By 5 is all about and what it wants to do for children in the community to help them be ready to enter kindergarten.”
The survey’s are given to area early childcare facilities, ICS Head Start, pre – K up to fifth grade. They are available at open houses, PTO meetings, any school function where parents are participating. Out of the 300 plus surveys that are sent into the homes, less than 75 make it back to be evaluated. Those that are filled out and returned are the basis for statistics explained during the Town Hall Meeting.
“The main purpose of Excel By 5 is to impart much needed information to expectant parents and parents on having their child ready for kindergarten,” White said. “I work with teen moms. When I asked them at what age they think they should begin engaging their babies with language, they responded with answers; two years old, three years old and even when they start school. No one has ever told them that babies are learning even before they are born.”
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