Episcopal Church makes returning to school a littel easer

Staff Writer

In all West Point schools, classes have been taking place online, with distance learning since the first week in September. The West Point Consolidated School District has created a hybrid learning environment as a return to the classroom, that began Tuesday. All students are still part of distance learning on Mondays, but a "green group" attends in-person classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a "white group" attending in-school classes on Wednesday and Friday. It allows the schools to have smaller class sizes to maintain social distancing.

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation wanted to do something for East Side Elementary, by providing backpacks, and school supplies for students who are in need of them. With returning to the classroom not taking place until mid-September, some children may not have what they needed for classroom success.
Lisa Klutts said this was the church wanting to help the students to start the year off right, by providing things that church members knew would be needed in the classrooms.
That is where the Episcopal Church stepped in to do something nice for the children in the community.

"This was Michael Booker's brainchild," Father Randy Sellers of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation said. "He couldn't be with us today, as he is recovering from knee surgery. But this was all his idea. He was in charge of the purchasing. He just told me what to do."

East Side Principal, Jacqueline Gray, was very grateful to the members of the church for providing the much needed items for the kindergarten students.
"We are so ready to have the children back," Gray said. "We've missed having them here. It is the first time for the hybrid classes, but we have sneeze guards on the tables to keep the children apart. There will be two students at each table, at least six feet apart."
Students, faculty and staff will be wearing masks. There will be temperature checks for the students and staff. Teachers will be working with the parents to be flexible and take it one day at a time. But the main thing is to keep the children safe and learning.

According to Gray, the largest classroom will only contain 12 students at one time. It provides a better leaning environment and more one-on-one time with the teacher. The most students that would have at East Side Elementary. in a classroom under normal circumstances was 27.
"We have done everything we can to make sure these little ones are ready to learn," Gray said.