Entertainers canceled for Summer Reading Program

Library assistant Jessi Bateman with returned books to be sanitized before being returned to the shelves. (Submitted photo)
Staff Writer

Many people cannot remember a time when the Summer Reading Program at the Bryan Public Library did not begin with a visit from Inky the Clown, or end with Terry Vaderventer, "The Snake Man." 


But this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no entertainers and no children packed to capacity to participate in the Summer Reading Program.


"As of now, there will be no performers for this summer, but we have created a summer reading packet for the kids." Children's Services Librarian April Hopkins said.  "The packet consists of instructions and a bingo sheet, for 'Reading Bingo Fun.’” 


Each child/parent will be able to request books through the curbside service order along with the reading packet. The parents would have to ask for the packet during the curbside service. 


"Children will have up to July 14, to turn it in, so there will be no rush to complete it," Hopkins said. "There will be a prize bag for the ones who participate. Also there will be a drawing for the ones who completes the entire bingo sheet." 


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