EMCC to host Community Day

Staff Writer

East Mississippi Community College’s Electrical Technology and Automation and Control departments will host a Community Day for the general public. Attendees will be taught basic residential wiring tips, such as how to safely replace electrical outlets or light switches. It is open to anyone who is interested in seeing what the program offers.
The free event for residents ages 18 and older from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, in room 103 of the Douglas Building at the Golden Triangle campus.
This will be the second year for the event. Electrical Technology instructor Bobby Johnson said residents from Columbus, Starkville and West Point attended last year.

“A lady attending the event, told me her outlets were really old and it was hard for her to plug in her appliances,” Johnson said. “After attending last year she was able to go through and replace all of the outlets herself.”

Johnson is an advocate for safety when working with electricity, his instruction stresses the correct way to work with electrical wiring.

“Safety is our main concern,” Johnson said. “Not only will we teach them how to change an electrical outlet, we will show them how to test it and make sure the system doesn’t have voltage to it.”
Electrical Technology and Automation and Control students, under the supervision of program instructors, will offer advice on best practices for basic electrical repairs around the home. Attendees will also be allowed to perform basic electrical repairs during the event. Tools will be provided for the training exercises.

"The Electrical Technology/Automation and Control Technology program at EMCC is one of, if not the best, electrical programs around," student Dusty Fields said. "I recently decided to make a career change and it was one of the best decisions I made to enter into this program."

He said all of the instructors are passionate about the field and about the students learning what they need to know to become the best.

"I am excited to be part of the program," Fields said. "And I'm excited about the future that this program is opening up for me."

Johnson said he decided to conduct Community Day last year after getting frequent requests from people wanting to know how to make minor electrical repairs.

“It was really popular,” Johnson said of the event. “We had both men and women who attended. I still hear from many of them and they say they are still excited about being able to take what they learned and fix things around their homes without having to call someone in to do the work.”

Dennis Brooks is a student in the program who has also taken academic classes at EMCC Mayhew.

"EMCC has so much to offer for its students when it comes to education," Brooks said. "When trying to find my passion, the Electrical and Automation Technologies stood out the most. Our instructors have a passion for what they are teaching and they put in the time and hard work to make sure we understand what we are doing. They keep us motivated to do our best and learn all we can in this field."

Brooks said he highly recommends the class to any current EMCC students or future students to join the team.
Walk-ins are welcome but those who plan to attend are asked to send Johnson an email at bjohnson@eastms.edu to let him know or call and leave him a message at (662) 243-1916.