County closes Caradine Road bridge, OKs bypass

From left: Clay County Board of Supervisors President Shelton Deanes, Chancery Clerk Amy Berry and District 3 Supervisor R.B. Davis discuss infrastructure projects at Thursday’s meeting (Photo by Ryan Phillips, DTL)

The Clay County Board of Supervisors discussed a couple of pressing infrastructure issues at its meeting on Thursday, taking action on one.

Supervisors first heard from County Engineer Robert Calvert, who talked about a notice the county received regarding the state of the bridge on Caradine Road.

The county was notified via letter from the Office of State Aid Road Construction that the Caradine Bridge would need to be closed immediately for repairs or total replacement.

The federal agency said the county will be required to finish the project no later than Dec. 21.

“There was a provision we were using where you could restrict the load and keep the bridge open and that’s what we had done,” Calvert said.

Following the news of the bridge closure, the board took action on a motion to move forward with constructing a bypass from Caradine Road to Highway 47 while the repairs are finished.

The board voted 3-1 to approve the measure, with Board of Supervisors President Shelton L. Deanes voting against and District 2 Supervisor Luke Lummus absent.

Deanes said the project to build the bypass would cost the county roughly $15,000.

“The timetable to complete it is hopefully in the next two weeks,” Deanes told the Daily Times Leader.


Supervisors and county officials also discussed potential improvements to Church Hill Road, following concerns regarding the deterioration of the road surface in close proximity to two businesses.

Prestage Farms and Falcon Construction both operate on Church Hill Road, with roughly 150 employees between the two companies regularly driving on the road.

District 3 Supervisor R.B. Davis told the Daily Times Leader the road is beginning to deteriorate severely and the county is in discussion to get a better idea of what actions would help remedy the situation.

“We’ve knocked a few things around and Mr. Neil Coker is going to get an estimate on what it might cost to fix it, like an overlay, some dig out,” Davis said. “It’s going to be a pretty good project, but it needs to be done because it’s tough on both those companies.”


▪ The Board of Supervisors took action in closed executive session to authorize the board attorney to send a letter to Roger Price notifying him that they have received a complaint from a private citizen regarding their house which was built through the Home Project Program that the county had been recipient of grant funding for. Price has 10-15 days to respond.

▪ The Board heard public comments on the repeal and replacement of the current Clay County Flood Plain Damage Prevention Ordinance and unanimously approved to adopt to repeal and replace it with the new State Model Ordinance.

▪ The Board unanimously approved to advertise for sealed bids to be opened on Dec. 4 for Hay Lease on 17.14 acres for year 2018.

▪ The Board adjourned until the next scheduled meeting on Nov. 30 at 9 a.m. at the Clay County Courthouse.