County Board approves update to AVL computer system at E911

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a quote of $2,080 from Precision Communications to update the Automatic Vehicle Location computer system at E911.

Sheriff Eddie Scott said the AVL system is a tracking system on all the patrol cars and most county vehicles.

“It gives the E911 dispatcher the location of every one of our units to increase response time, and it allows me the ability to go back and look at where all patrol cars have been, how long they were there and how fast they were going,” Scott said.

Scott said the current computer is outdated so the AVL system is down right now, and the update would include additions slots to include additional vehicles to the system, such as garbage trucks.

Scott also presents plans to the board to increase safety measures for inmates who are assigned garbage collection detail after the death of an inmate in George County last month.

Mississippi Department of Corrections now requires installation of standing cages on the rear of the garbage truck to protect offenders from falls because of frequent stops, use of reflective vests for offenders, installation of emergency reflective lights on the rear of the truck, monthly review of safety equipment to ensure it is in good working order and policy established by the county to ensure more accountability of drivers.

Scott said the Clay County Sheriff’s Department has already begun working on the safety cages, and there was money in the department budget to hire a mechanic to build the safety cage.

“We will have monthly safety checks of all the equipment, and we want to spend more time training them,” Scott said.

Scott said the garbage trucks will be tracked in the updated AVL system.

Scott spread the MDOC mandate on the minutes, and no action by the board was required.

The board recessed until 9 a.m. on Aug. 10.