Community shares sorrow after fire

The community gathered in Sally Kate Winters Park to support and grieve with those victims and families of the Tuesday night apartment fire.
Staff Writer

The Noonday Prayer Warriors and Lifting Spirit of Third Mt. Olive M.B. Church held a prayer vigil at Sally Kate Winters Park for the family of Shayla C. Swain, her one-year-old daughter Serenity Cox and those who lost everything in an apartment fire, Wednesday night.

More than 100 people joined the impromptu vigil in support for the victims of the apartment fire and their families.

"We asked the family of Shayla Swain and the families who lost everything in the fire to come," Alma Brown, with Noonday Prayer Warriors and Lifting Spirit, said. "We want to pray with these families who have lost so much in this fire."

The groups wanted to join with the community to offer support and comfort during this terrible time of loss.

"We prayed with the families, cried with them and offered all the love and support we can give," Brown said. "They need the help of all of us. This is the perfect time to practice the Golden Rule and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you."

Brown said in addition to those who lived in the apartment complex and lost all of their belongings, there will be two funerals to plan and pay for.

"It's sad that during this time of loss, we have to think about finances," Brown said. "But it's a real thing that all of the families who were affected by the tragedy need our help."

There has been an account created to help the victims of the apartment complex fire at Renasant Bank. Inform the teller you wish to donate to the fire victims.