Civitans getting back on track

Jay Jackson, interim president of the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club, presided over Wednesday's meeting.
Staff Writer

Jay Jackson, interim president of the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club, presided over the meeting Wednesday, where the members continued to discuss changes to the club. It was announced that due to the July 4, holiday, there would only be one meeting July 18.

"So many people are traveling during the holiday," Irma Daily, club secretary said. "That we had all agreed at the last board meeting to not meet July 5. We will only have the one meeting in July."

Daily said that she and Betty Mason, one of the interim treasurers, had signed signature cards at the bank and could now write checks to keep the club up-to-date on its fiscal responsibilities.

Jackson had not been available for several weeks but the board members in the club had worked hard to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Bill Ladd had the ledger with the club's checks for its dues and projects accounts and turned them over to Mason to take care of he club's obligations to Civitan International (CI).

"Civitan International has us with a roster of 15 members in good standing," Daily said. "We have to keep paying our dues on time and we need to work on inviting people to join with us. We can accomplish a lot more as far as fundraising with more members."

She said CI had sent the paperwork outlining the changes that was voted on during the Civitan International Convention, so the club could be informed of what went on during the convention in Birmingham.

"They will send the request for dues at the end of the month," Daily said. "Or at the beginning of July, what with the convention going on through June 27. "

Daily said during Jackson's absence, all the money, both from dues and the vadialia onion fundraiser had been deposited into one account. She said they would have to remedied, with dues going into one account and funds from fundraising going into the projects account.

"As far as the duties of the treasurer," Ladd said. "Having the bank statements and keeping up with the deposits and withdrawals the the main thing. It all depends on what is due. We get all those forms from Civitan International to keep up with what goes to them."

Jackson said even if a member leaves the club, the dues owed still must be paid.

"Now we can fax the information to International when someone resigns from the club," Jackson said. "That way they can be removed from the roster as soon as possible so we don't end up paying for people who aren't here. Before everything was sent by mail and we would end up paying for a month, maybe two, after someone left. Faxing those forms will cut down on that time."

Ladd said there needs to be receipts that show when members pay dues. There needs to be a paper trail so the club can show where someone has paid their dues or not. He said it
would cut down on confusion.

"Those receipts need to be kept separate from the projects account." Ladd said. "We can continue with the ledger that has the receipts for dues, but we need to have a different one for our projects to keep everything in order."