Civitans discuss upcoming changes

Jay Jackson, president of the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club, informed the club of changes that are coming from the regional level.
Staff Writer

Civitan president Jay Jackson spoke to the club about new information that has come down from the regional level that impacts the club.

"Everyone is now invited to take part in the Advanced Level Training for Civitan Officers," Jackson said. "Before, it was just for those serving as officers. You get the same training as club presidents have. It's a good experience, especially for those who would like to serve on the President's Council." 

Jacson said everything the club does earns them credit towards being an Honor Club. He said those who have never bought a Civitan vest can order them through the club and that earns points.

"The vests are now $11, they went up a dollar," Jackson said. "And if you would like to order the name badges, they are now $15. Yes, everything has gone up in price."

Jackson said regional is encouraging clubs to buy the candy boxes to put out at businesses. He said the club had done this in the past, and asked if members would they be interested in doing it again.

"I don't think it's a good idea," said Acie Vance, vice president. "It's hard finding time to keep the boxes filled and they don't bring in that much for the trouble."

Vance mentioned the cup account was a replacement for the candy boxes, and club members could contribute a little more if needed.

"I've gotten emails and phone calls from those over our region who want to know what community fundraisers we have planned for the year," Jackson said. "We are expected to have at least two major fundraisers each year. The first one by March, in addition to the small ones we sponsor like the sweet potato and vidalia onion sales."

He said the club is expected to sell the Claxton Fruitcakes during the holidays. 

"I'll buy one box and donate it to the club and the club needs to buy at least one," Jackson said. "They really want each club to sell three, but I don't think we can do that, as small as we are." 

Alvin Quinn made a motion to table the discussion until another meeting and finalize the plans for the Christmas luncheon.

Vernell Pittman said she needed to inform the caterer of how many plates would be needed. 

"We said thirty at the last meeting," Pittman said. "I wanted to see if we need to go down on that amount or leave it and place the order."

Everyone agreed that 30 plates should be a good number to place with the caterer.

Pittman said the club could have the luncheon at the Bryan Public Library in the Esther Pippen Meeting Room, Dec. 6, at noon.

"We also made a donation to the library to express our thanks for allowing us to meet there." Pittman said. 

Jackson volunteered to supply bottled water. The caterer will have tea available, but Jackson said he wanted to have water, as well. 

Pittman said the club would be allowed to decorate the space on the day before the luncheon.