Civitans discuss fundraiser

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club discussed the upcoming vidalia onion sale during Wednesday's meeting of the club.
Staff Writer

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club met Wednesday at North Mississippi Medical Center to discuss the upcoming Vidailia onion sale fundraiser.

Bill Ladd, member of the Civitan Club said last year's sale went extremely well.

"We had to place a second order and after they were all sold, we still had people wanting to buy from us,” Ladd said. “So we may need to increase our order this year."

Ladd remarked that the onions sell so well, that he said he believed the club could easily sell more than the previous year.

"I'll check with Sherry Garrett at the district about when we can place our order," Ladd said.

President Jay Jackson said the club also needs to continue with the sweet potato sales in the fall.

"Nobody wants to do the fruitcake fundraiser around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but concentrate on sweet potatoes," Jackson said. "We all know all the jokes about fruitcakes. I don't go out of my way to buy fruitcake and I doubt anyone else does either. But we all love sweet potatoes in the fall."

Acie Vance, president-elect of the club, suggested the club have a barbecue or fish fry and sell plates to build up the clubs projects account to allow for more help in the community.

"I was at a fish fry for another group and it was continually selling out." Vance said. "Everybody loves catfish, not everyone likes barbecue. Catfish, slaw and hushpuppies and you've got a meal. I think we could be very successful."

Ladd called Garrett who said the onions should be available in May, which would give the club members time to decide how many pounds to order.

"The onions will be ready by May," Ladd said. "That will be perfect for people's early summer cookouts. We would like for people to call us with pre-orders on the 10-pound bags of Vidalia onions. That would give us an idea of how many bags of onions to order."

For more information about the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club, or to place a pre-order for the 10 pound bags of vidalia onions, call 605-6211 or 295-8643.