Civitans discuss district meeting

Staff Writer

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club hosted the Mississippi North District Civitan meeting on Oct. 28 at Faith Baptist Church in the family life center.

"We had a great meeting Saturday,' said Acie Vance, president - elect of the West Point Civitan Club. "We were thinking maybe 30 people might come, we had 50. We were so pleased to have all those people from other clubs came and visit with us. The theme was "Kindle Your Fire For Civitan."

Vance said the clubs from north Mississippi all seemed to be having the same difficulty in the way of recruiting new members.

"All the clubs are adding new members, the problem is we need young people." Vance said. "People who are retired and close to retirement understand the satisfaction of serving their community. Young people want to know whats in it for them. But one of these days the generation of people who don't mind giving back, won't be here anymore. Who will serve the community then?"

Alvin Quinn said he wanted to say a special thank you to Bill Ladd. Ladd had arranged with Faith Baptist Church for the Civitans to use the church's fellowship hall for the meeting.

"There were Civitan clubs represented from all over north Mississippi," Quinn said. "Everyone told me they enjoyed the food, The speakers were all good. We were glad to have Mississippi North District Governor, Marla Elmore come to West Point. It was just a really good time."

Quinn said it was a good way to make contact with other Civitan Clubs in the area. He said there were a few people who brought prospective club members so they could see what Civitan is all about.

"My self and the church were very happy to help out." Ladd said. "It was a very important meeting and the church was more than happy to loan us the building for the day."

Vernell Pittman said the ladies of the West Point club donated doughnuts and coffee for the meeting to be sure no one would be hungry before lunch was served.

"It was the perfect example of teamwork," Quinn said.

Pittman changed the direction of the meeting by asking to discuss the Civitan Christmas Luncheon.

"We will have our luncheon, 11:30 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 6, at the Bryan Public Library in the Esther Pippen Meeting Room," Pittman said. "We have already arranged it with the library."

Pittman said she had spoken with Cynthia Gates to cater the meal. Each club member will pay $10.50 per plate, and they are welcome to bring a guest, so it would be $21 for two people.

"Cynthia is very good at putting together a menu for gatherings," Pittman said. "But we need to have a number of who will be there by the next meeting."

Vance said everyone needed to agree to call a club member who was absent during this meeting to let them know the plans for the meal had already begun.