City Board approves advertisement of Deputy CAO position

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The West Point Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a motion made by Ward 4 Selectman Kieth McBrayer to advertise for the position of Deputy Chief Administrative Officer during Monday night’s board meeting.
Mayor Robbie Robinson said the Deputy CAO would work alongside the city’s CAO.
City Attorney Orlando Richmond also gave an update on the reappointment of the current CAO Randy Jones.
Richmond said the position of CAO was a result of a state statute that was passed many years ago, and the appointed officers of the city of West Point are to be appointed at the beginning of the term of each new administration, which was the last board meeting.
“There was a motion to appoint Randy Jones as chief administrative officer at the last board meeting,” Richmond said. “It did not receive a second therefore it failed. There were no further motions in the appointment of CAO, which results in a holdover situation in light of the fact that city ordinance requires a CAO. The holdover situation for Mr. Jones only lasts for 180 days.”
Robinson said after the 180 day period, Jones would no longer be allowed to be paid by the city, but he is currently still employed and working as CAO.

Other Business

During Monday night’s meeting, the board unanimously approved a motion made by McBrayer to apply for a Local Emergency Planning Committee grant with a 75/25 match with two priorities.
The first priority is to purchase a railcar training package kit that costs $13,190. The matching funds are $3,297 for the city and $1,648 for Clay County.
The second priority is to purchase 27 Garmins for $2,700, with $675 paid for by the city or county depending on distribution to each department.
The board also unanimously approved a motion made by Ward 5 Selectman Jasper Pittman to put a $100 cleanup deposit fee for use of city parks.
Robinson said the deposit would be refunded if the park was left in clean condition after use.
Robinson said city parks can be reserved at City Hall, and Marshall Park can be reserved at the Recreation Department.
The board unanimously approved a motion made by Ward 3 Selectman Ken Poole to authorize advertisements for public hearings for the Planning Commission and the Board of Selectman to consider rezoning a 14 acre tract of an Agricultural Open Zone on the southwest corner of Highway 50 West and South Old White Road for development of a 52 condominium subdivision complex by Timberlane-Provias developers.