Central School holds academic pep rally to prepare for state testing

Staff Writer

Central School hosted an academic pep rally yesterday afternoon to pump students up for their upcoming state tests.
Central School Principal Wynesther Cousins said the students will take their state tests next week.
“We want the kids to have fun at the pep rally and get excited about the tests,” Cousins said.
During the pep rally, the West Point High School cheerleaders danced and cheered for the students, the West Point Junior High band performed, the teachers danced and Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Kyle Love spoke to the students.
“I like to see you all excited about the tests coming up,” Love said during the pep rally. “Having fun is important, but you have to make good grades and do good things to be successful in life.”
Love said that being a professional athlete was not the only way to be successful.
The students also danced and cheered along with the cheerleaders, band and Green Wave school mascot.
Sixth grade science and social studies teacher Abby Hairstonsaid the students in the school were split up into teams, and each team made up cheers and made banners.
Cousins said each team had to make up a chant about doing well on the state tests, and the team with the best chant won the spirit stick.
The winning team was the Penguins, which was made up of fifth grade students.
“We had this pep rally because we are trying to get the kids excited about the upcoming state tests,” Hairston said.