Celebrating 50 years of Graham Roofing Inc.

The Graham Roofing picnic included all employees and their families for a day of fun and fellowship.
Staff Writer

Graham Roofing Inc., celebrated 50 years of commercial and industrial roofing by having a picnic with its employees and their families, Saturday. The celebration tied into National Roofers Week, organized by National Roofers and Contractors Association.

"I always say we are like a family here," Christee Holbrook, one of the owners of Graham Roofing Inc., said. "We emphasize a family atmosphere. That's why we wanted to have a picnic to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the company."

Jennifer Shows, marketing intern, said it was a lot of fun to see some of the men she works with in dad mode.

"It was nice to see them with their kids," Shows said. "You got to see a more relaxed version of the people you work with every day."

Holbrook said its all about the guys in the field. Graham Roofing has some employees who have been with them for 30 or 40 years. That is something to celebrate.

"We wanted their families to see what they do and where they work," Holbrook said. "It was a time for us to be together and relaxed. We have a Tupelo office and they were invited too. We got to visit with everyone."

It was cool to get to meet people you've only heard about, Shows said.

"People brought kids, grandkids, and they all had a blast on the water slide," Holbrook said. "Employees brought their babies. It was just a great day for everyone involved."

Former owners Jimmy Graham and Clyde Hollis with a photo Bobby Hooks on stick came to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the company.

"We appreciate our employees and what they do for this company and what they do for us," Holbrook said.

Graham Roofing is partnering with the Lowndes County Vocational Technical School and the West Point Career and Technology Center. They hope to encourage young people to consider roofing as a career.