CCSD constructing taller fence around exercise yard

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department has been constructing a taller fence around it’s exercise yard.
Sheriff Eddie Scott said the new fence will be chain link with razor wire around the top, and it will be 20 feet high. The original fence was 8 feet high.
Scott said the funding for the improved fence will come out of the CCSD budget.
“We have had issues with people trying to climb the fence in the past,” Scott said. “This taller fence should help keep inmates from escaping.”
He said around 25 inmates use the exercise yard at one time.
Scott said the CCSD also installed new outdoor cameras around the exercise yard.
“The building used to be a hospital, and it has been renovated to make it secure for inmates,” he said. “The inside is safe, and now we are working to create better security on the outside of the building.”