Bright Horizons partnerships help West Point students and schools

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Local citizens, industries and businesses are partnering with West Point schools through Bright Horizons Partners in Education to enrich the learning experience of students.
South Side Elementary principal Casey Glusenkamp said Bright Horizons partners donate programs, manpower and money to West Point schools.
"If it weren't for Bright Horizons partners, we wouldn't get a lot of things done each year," Glusenkamp said. "We get funding from the school district, but a lot of out funds come from donations from Bright Horizons partners."
Glusenkamp said partners also volunteer by speaking to classes or allowing students to take a field trip to their businesses.
"Bright Horizons helps to build bonds and relationships with citizens and students in the community," Glusenkamp said. "For example, if a student wants to pursue a career in engineering, it helps to have the opportunity to meet someone in that industry. They also get to meet and spend time with law enforcement and first responders."
WPCSD Community Relations Director Nancy Young said some Bright Horizons partners have been with the school district since the program was founded.
"We have some partners who have been with certain schools since we started the Bright Horizons program 25 years ago," Young said. "For example, Delta Sigma Theta has been a partner since the start. It varies year to year depending on what the needs are, but this year they are providing tutoring for third grade students at South Side for their upcoming reading test."