Board of Supervisors to receive bids for road improvement projects

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Clay County Board of Supervisors will receive bids from Calvert-Spradling Engineering for three road improvement projects during Thursday’s board meeting.
Engineer from Calvert-Spradling Engineering Robert Calvert said one of the projects will be to repair two bridges on TVA Road.
“The bridges should have been repaired years ago,” District 1 supervisor Lynn Horton said. “Right now the roads are closed because the bridges can’t be travelled on. We will take bids to begin repairing them during Thursday’s board meeting.”
Calvert said the second project will be to repair the damage to Barton Ferry Road.
Calvert said the third project will be overlay maintenance on Industrial Park Road, Brand Una Road, Tibee Road and Pheba South. He said the overlay maintenance would repair and improve the pavement on these roads.