Be aware of ‘brown’ water today

DTL Staff
Staff Writer

West Point Water and Light customers are reminded not to panic if they experience “dirty” or “brown” water coming from their faucets today, especially this morning.

The city is restarting its south water treatment station so the north station can be taken off line for $500,000 worth of maintenance that will extend its life for years.

The transition means water will flow in a different direction than normal, possibly causing some minerals to get into the water briefly. The materials aren’t hazardous to your health but people are advised not to wash light-colored clothes in the water.

Running an outside faucet for 10 minutes or so should clear up any discoloration before the water even gets in the house. Running an inside tap for 10 minutes or so should accomplish the same goal.

The water has been tested and meets all state and federal health and safety standards.

If problems persist, call 662-494-2262 to report it so crews can check if necessary.

The move likely will mean brownish or reddish water for some customers, especially in the areas closest to the south plant which is located just west of South Side Elementary off Louis Odneal Road.

The change over will start sometime between 7 and 8:30 a.m., according to chief water plant operator Paul Caskey. Crews will first open fire hydrants in the area around the plant, including on West Church Hill toward Peco, near Church Hill Elementary, and areas along Highway 45 Alternate to help filter out the dirty water, if there is any, on the front end.

City water operators think any discoloration will be gone by noon and should not even reach areas to the east of the city and possibly the north.