The Atoning’ is coming to RedBox

Staff Writer

Michael Williams, independent filmmaker and owner of Shendopen, has announced his latest film, "The Atoning" will be available to rent from RedBox, Tuesday, Sept. 5.

"All of us who worked on this film are thrilled that it’s going to have a wide distribution with RedBox," Williams said. "Right now it can also be pre-ordered from iTunes. It will be available On Demand on DirecTV and Dish Network, on Amazon in DVD and Blu-Ray formats. We are hoping a lot of people will see it."

During this time last year, Williams said they were shooting the film here in West Point. He is pleased with how quickly the process has been to get the film shot, edited, on display at film festivals and now for rent or purchase. “The Atoning” was well supported earlier this year when it debuted Feb. 2, at the Malco Theater in Columbus.

"We are extremely excited," Williams said. "We had hoped it would be picked up for distribution. It's one of ten films coming out on that date. This one and one other are in the horror genre so we're hoping it will be competitive.The horror genre is so very marketable, that's why we went in that direction"

Williams said the film falls more into the supernatural thriller category. He said it can be marketed in so many different ways.

"We had it in mind when we were working on the original screenplay for it to be a film that could be marketed overseas as wellas here in the states," Willams said. "To not make it bloody, gory, and extreme would open it up to being seen by a broader audience. It isn't rated, but it is in the PG-13 category. It can be seen as horror, drama, suspense, thriller, it fits into so many different genres. We didn't want to go overboard in any direction."

He said filming it right here in West Point was a huge plus to keep the budget in check, and to use a location that would not be familiar to audiences.

"We've won eight awards in different film festivals," Williams said. "Best Feature, Cinematography and best acting for our lead, Virginia Newcomb. We have been so very proud of the project."

Williams said “The Atoning” was shown at many different film festivals in Oxford, Tupelo, the Magnolia, the Azalea Film Festival in Mobile and the film will be shown at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham this weekend.

"It has been an amazing year," Williams said. "All the hard work is beginning to pay off. We learned a lot from our film Ozland. We put what we learned into practice and it showed in ‘The Atoning’. We put a lot of thought toward making it more mainstream and marketable on many levels."

Williams said he plans to start work on another screenplay and film in the near future. He said the next film will be a psychological thriller.

"I just need the time to get the ball rolling on my next project," Williams said. "I have to have down time in order to think and write. This is a great time for independent film makers. I hope people who see ‘The Atoning’ for the first or even the second time, will give the film some thought. and dwell on what they've just seen and experienced."