Arnett talks healthy hearts at Church Hill

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

Students at Church Hill Elementary have spent the month of February learning about the human heart. Tracy Arnett, director of the Wellness Center visited the first grade students Wednesday morning to talk about healthy hearts.
“Just last week was Valentines Day,” Arnette said. “We all saw heart shaped valentines, boxes, balloons and decorations. but is that what a heart really looks like? No, of course not. The heart is a big muscle. It is about the size of your first. Every heart was created to be the perfect size for the body it is in.”
Arnette told the students that an elephant has a heart that is around the same size as themselves. A hummingbird has a heart the size of a pencil eraser. We are all created with a heart the size that we need.
“The heart is so very important it is protected by bones,” Arnette said. “It’s not like your fingers or toes that can be injured and broken very easily. The heart is surrounded by a cage of bones called ribs.”
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