Angel Tree adoptions going well

Jessica Bagwell holds Boudreaux, while Katy Wallace juggles Neptune and Nessie, all three kittens are available for adoption from the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.
Staff Writer

There are less angels on the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter Angel Tree.

Most of the dogs have been taken and will be receiving gifts for Christmas. As of Tuesday, there are still many cats who have not been adopted to have their wish list filled.

"We've been very blessed with the community adopting our dogs for Christmas," Melanie Elmore of the WPCCAS said. "Many people are making donations for our animals."

All dogs except one have had their wish lists filled, but there are still cats and kittens who are still on the tree.

"If people want to adopt for the Angel Tree, we have plenty of cats," Katy Wallace, with the WPCCAS, said. "Treats, toys, cat food, maybe a bed, that sort of thing. Something special for them for Christmas.The items on the cat wish lists are about $15 - $20."

The shelter is always in need of so many items for the animals in their care.

Those wishing to donate, can bring:

City garbage bags
Paper towels
Mr. Clean
Dawn blue dishwashing liquid
Laundry detergent
Zip-lock bags
Cat litter
Anti-bacterial soap
Dog and cat food
Dog and cat treats
Dog and cat toys

"We can't use filled comforters," Lisa Henley, director of WPCCAS, said. "The dogs destroy them. They seem to think getting the filling out is what they are supposed to do. So flat blankets are wonderful."

The shelter is planning to give every dog a rawhide chew to occupy their time Christmas Day. Cats will receive toys.

"In addition to the gifts the animals receive for Christmas, we want to be sure they have some things to keep them occupied," Wallace said. "The shelter will be closed to the public Saturday - Tuesday. We will re-open Wednesday morning. Even though we are closed, the workers and volunteers will still come in every day and clean out kennels and litter boxes, feed the pets and check on them. But we want them to have something to do since we won't be here all day."

The sixth grade class at Oak Hill Academy adopted many of the dogs on the tree and brought their donations by Tuesday morning. Southern Ionics delivered a box full of items for the shelter pets, as well.

"We appreciate everything the community does to help us take care of the homeless pets," Jessica Bagwell, with the WPCCAS, said. "Without donations and the generosity of everyone we couldn't take care of the dogs and cats until they find a home. Thank you."