Angel Gowns providing more than an outfit

Angel Gowns of Mississippi provides handmade burial outfits for babies who are too small for other clothing to families for free through donations and volunteers.
Staff Writer

Angel Gowns of Mississippi provides burial outfits for babies who pass away before leaving the hospital through donations and volunteers.

Angel Gowns of Mississippi volunteer Sandra Corbett said the gowns were provided to families for free, and the organization was run entirely off of donations and volunteers.

Corbett said the gown sets were made from donated wedding dresses, prom dresses or other formal dresses.

“We take donated dresses and cut them down and turn them into angel baby sets,” she said.

She said the gowns were then used as burial outfits for stillborn or premature babies that are too small for other outfits.

“I make sure no baby is buried in a gown that’s too big,” she said.

Corbett said volunteers were needed to cut, sew and deliver the dresses to hospitals, funeral homes or wherever else they were needed.

Corbett said she got the inspiration for Angel Gowns of Mississippi while working with Angel Gowns of North Texas when her friend’s son and daughter-in-law lost a baby and couldn’t find an outfit small enough for it to wear for its funeral.

She said there are other Angel Gowns organizations in several states across the country.

To donate, volunteer or receive an Angel Gown, call 662-436-1603 or email