Adopt - a - Family volunteers enjoy helping others

Staff Writer

There was a steady stream of applicants for the Adopt - a - Family program registration at the Community Counseling Services cafeteria Wednesday. Volunteers helped people with the application process until 4:30 p.m.
"This has been a model of efficiency," Rachel Pate, director of the Adopt - a - Family program said. "We have the best volunteers for the program. We were ready when the first person walked in the door, the wait has been minimal."

Tim O'Brien of Rensant Bank said Pate has the registration process down to an exact science. He said he is in awe of Pate with all she does to keep the program going.
"West Point is just an amazing place to live when it comes to helping each other," Pate said. "I've been approached by other communities who want to start their own Adopt - a - Family.. I tell them what we do, but it never seems to work anywhere else. It's all about coordination. With coordination and the great volunteers we have, our program works."

Dazshea Petty has bee with Adopt - a - Family for four years, She said she's a good judge of people and a lot of the applicants are people she knows, so she is acquainted with their situation.
"A person asked me if they had been adopted last year, would they be eligible again this year," Jermaine Pruitt, one of the volunteers said. "I got to tell her yes, she was welcome to apply and it would not count against her ability to be on the adoption list if she qualifies."

Erica Brown said she loves to see the parents face light up when they realize they aren't in this alone and we do want to help.
"I love being part of Adopt - a - Family, I love talking to people and helping people so this is something I look forward to being a part of," Wanda Hudson said.
Latrice Freeman said the main question she was asked is how much will be spent on each child. She said her answer was it all depends on the size or the family and the needs they have.

She said this was her first year to volunteer with the program. She said she wanted to see what the program was all about and wheat the process was to qualify.
"I normally work medical records with CCS,"M'Lissa Lewis said. "It's nice to do this and be able to meet people and talk to them. I enjoy helping. It has been fun today. All the tables were full when I got here but everything has moved quickly and efficiently with helping applicants."
Jane Scott said she wouldn't want to be anywhere else today. She said nothing is more important that working within the community to help others.

"It is wonderful to know the applicants have somewhere to go for help with Christmas presents for their children." Scott said. "Rachel Pate is so wonderful to put this together every year. She is a true asset to West Point. And all of these people who come here to give their time and don't expect anything in return are just awesome. That is why I love being part of the West Point community."

The Adopt - a - Family list will appear in the Daily Times Leader the week after Thanksgiving, letter will be sent to all applicants to let them know if they have qualified for Adopt - a - Family.
For more information call 295-7792.