‘Journey to Bethlehem’ at Calvary Baptist Church

 Calvary Baptist Church presents its Living Nativity "Journey to Bethlehem" from 6 - 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15.
Staff Writer

For four years the Children's Department at Calvary Baptist Church have braved the chilly weather to perform an outdoor living Nativity scene.

This year's theme is "Journey to Bethlehem."

"We have about 12 children and two or three adults who participate," Betty Carpenter, the head of the Children's Department at Calvary, said. "It's always busy for our young people in December. We had a float in the Christmas parade earlier, now we're working on the Nativity."

Normally the drive-thru Nativity scene has a few animals, as sheep and donkeys are fairly easy to come by. But this year the animals will be of the cardboard variety.

"I didn't get around to ordering live animals this year," Carpenter said. "We usually at least get a couple of cows. But the cardboard kind stay on their marks and don't smell. What I really want is to get a camel. That isn't easy. But it is on my to-do list. Maybe we can get a donkey and some sheep for next year."

Carpenter said what they really focus on is the true meaning of Christmas and the birth in the manger so many years ago.

"There are no speaking parts," Carpenter said. "You can just drive thru without rolling the windows down. You can stay toasty warm in your car. We will have the ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ regardless of the weather. The only thing that will keep us from presenting it, is ice. Right now, there isn't any rain in the forecast for Saturday "

Scenes will be set up depicting the journey to find the newborn King. Enter the journey from Calvary Baptist Church onto Eshman Avenue and exit onto McCord Street.

"After driving through, every car will receive a Christmas card from Calvary Baptist Church," Carpenter said. "We keep it simple and to the point. We just want to portray the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes that gets lost in everything else that is going on."

"Journey to Bethlehem" is free and open to the public.