The Daily Press Daily Times Leader | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-10-24T11:57:21-04:00 looking for burglary leads in WP2014-10-24T11:57:21-04:002014-10-24T11:57:21-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comWest Point Police Department investigators are looking for any information on two burglaries and an armed robbery from the last month.About 11:50 p.m. Sept. 26, officers were dispatched to the Texaco service station on Highway 45 North in reference to an alleged armed robbery. According to the incident report, the store clerk said an individual wearing black pants, a black shirt, gray gloves and a red head-garment entered the store and came around the counter holding a knife. The suspect allegedly asked for all the money in the register, and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, according to the report. The suspect then allegedly ran out of the store around the north corner of the building toward the Northgate subdivision.On Oct. 6 officers were dispatched to Jim James Court off of East Morrow Street in reference to an alleged home burglary. According to the incident report, the homeowner arrived to discover the home broken into and a window air-conditioning unit allegedly stolen. The homeowner said a DVD player and about 15 DVDs valued at about $100 were allegedly taken from the home. The owner was unable to provide serial numbers or descriptions of the items.To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availablePolice looking for burglary leads in WPDaily Times turn out for United Way2014-10-24T11:55:07-04:002014-10-24T11:55:07-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comUnited Way of Clay County hosted its Day of Caring and campaign kickoff luncheon Thursday at the Civic in West Point.The Day of Caring began at 8 a.m. and saw representatives from local businesses volunteer their time at various United Way-sponsored agencies in town. Volunteers from Babcock and Wilcox, the West Point School District, the West Point-Clay County Growth Alliance, Clay County Court Appointed Special Advocates, Delta Sigma Thi, North Mississippi Medical Center, Ellis Steel and Yokohama Tire went out in the community to help. The volunteers took on such tasks as lawn work and Halloween decorating at Sally Kate Winters Family Services, rocking babies at the Clay County Child Care Center and walking dogs at the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter. To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableVolunteers turn out for United WayDaily Times Triangle Regional Airport conducts diaster drill2014-10-23T10:57:32-04:002014-10-23T10:57:32-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times LeaderSpecial to Daily Times LeaderA simulated mid-air collision scenario at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport drew first responders from across the region Tuesday morning to go through preparations for a worst-case scenario.Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) holds such exercises once every three years to ensure local responders are prepared to respond to such an event if needed, said GTR Executive Director Mike Hainsey.“We’re actually required to have this every three years,” Hainsey said. “The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires it as part of our certification to bring commercial aircraft in. This year, we had the scenario that involved a midair collision between an Air Force airplane and a commercial airliner and we practiced the response from that.“You have to be ready for it,” he added. “We don’t ever want it to happen, but we have to be ready in case it does.”The civilian plane made a crash landing on the tarmac – where East Mississippi Community College nursing students played the role of victims, with torn clothing, paint for blood and broken popsicle sticks representing broken bones – while the imaginary military jet crashed in a nearby field.Responders split in their duties, with some attending to the victims on the tarmac and others handling the situation near the downed jet.Many local, state and federal agencies participated in the exercise Tuesday, including Starkville and Oktibbeha County fire departments, Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department, West Point Fire Department, the U.S. Air Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Columbus Fire Department, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and others.To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableGolden Triangle Regional Airport conducts diaster drillDaily Times eyes improving road conditions2014-10-23T10:51:56-04:002014-10-23T10:51:56-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe improvement of driving conditions has been on the minds of city officials during the past few weeks. The city received new traffic sensors for three intersections along Highway 45 courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Transportation, and West Point Chief Administrative Officer Randy Jones said the work doesn’t stop there. He said the city is also looking at improving visibility at certain intersections in town.“There’s an intersection at Churchill Road and Meadowhill Road where visibility is a real problem,” Jones said. “If you’re pulling out of Meadowhill, it’s very difficult to be able to see traffic coming from the east. It’s not as bad at night because you can see headlights, but during the day or if it’s foggy it’s almost impossible to see if a car is coming from that direction.”He said the intersection sits on top of a hill that can easily hide oncoming traffic, and that the visibility issue was further complicated by a row of bushes along the edge of the road.“The owner of that property allowed us to trim back the hedges so you could see a little better, but it’s still not an optimal condition for traffic,” Jones said. “We’re looking at putting a traffic light there, or at least a three-way stop.”West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson said it would be up to the Board of Selectmen to put up a traffic light, but he didn’t anticipate it being a problem.To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableCity eyes improving road conditionsDaily Times receives seatbelt grant2014-10-23T10:50:25-04:002014-10-23T10:50:25-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe West Point Police Department received a grant from the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety to go toward enforcing vehicle occupant restraints. The $5,000 grant will be used to pay officers who work overtime at safety checkpoints.West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley said the department received the grant last week, and it was approved by the West Point Board of Selectmen at its Oct. 14 meeting. This is the third year the department has received the grant, and it will allow WPPD to set up safety checkpoints or road blocks designed primarily to look for seatbelt violations. “We’re really concerned with seatbelt violations,” Brinkley said. “Especially when it comes to infants or young children who aren’t properly restrained.”WPPD Juvenile Officer Zate McGee said parents and drivers may not understand the importance of properly securing their child in a vehicle.“They think just because they’re just going down the block and will only be gone a minute, that nothing will happen,” McGee said. “They don’t understand what could happen in that short amount of time.”She said WPPD officers have seen parents with babies in their arms while driving, and kids crawling around the inside of the car while it’s going down the road.To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableWPPD receives seatbelt grantDaily Times Christian Church set for annual ‘sweet tater’ giveaway2014-10-22T10:29:05-04:002014-10-22T10:29:05-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadereditor@dailytimesleader.comEditor’s note: This story originally appeared in Daily Times Leader’s first “feature Friday” article on Facebook. “Feature Friday articles will appear in Wednesday editions, following inital Facebook only release.Members of the First Christian Church in West Point are gearing up to give residents a little something sweet. Beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 in the parking lot of First Christian Church on Broad Street in West Point, volunteers will be giving sweet potatoes away — completely free — to the public.Now in its third year, the event has grown from just two church members with two crates of sweet potatoes and a skeleton crew of helpful volunteers to a full-blown ministry. West Point residents and congregation members Monty Yates and Herb Duncan began discussing the possibilities of obtaining a crate of sweet potatoes each to distribute among residents after some friends in Houston had done something similar."They're not that expensive, and you can feed a lot of people," Yates said. "… So we decided we'd buy a crate apiece, place an ad in the paper and sit out in the church parking lot and give them away. They were gone in about 45 minutes (the first year)."The event had gone so well First Christian Church got fully involved in the second year, contributing funds to bring in four crates — which consist of about a pickup bed load each — of sweet potatoes. Within two hours, they had been given away."We must have served 800-1,000 people," Yates said. "At one point we had a line all the way out to the street. … We felt bad, because we'd finish giving them away and for another hour and a half people would still be coming. … When you're bagging them up and digging around sometimes you'll break one in half or there will be odds and ends. We had one family come and get just the bits and pieces."This year, Yates said the church had collected enough to purchase at least five crates of sweet potatoes from Landreth Farms in Vardaman. Participants will receive one plastic grocery bag of sweet potatoes each and must be present to get receive the bag.To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableFirst Christian Church set for annual ‘sweet tater’ giveawayDaily Times Point family up for farming contest2014-10-22T10:27:40-04:002014-10-22T10:27:40-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comA local farm is participating in a Facebook photo contest to determine CHS Incorporated’s Farm Family of the Year. The contest is run through the Mississippi Department of Athletics Facebook page with the purpose of promoting agriculture awareness in the state.Those who have liked the Facebook page can vote for the best farm family and Judson Farming Company (JFC), located north of West Point, is one of the entries. JFC President Brad Judson said his wife, Molly, saw the contest on Facebook and had a friend take a picture of the family and submit it to the contest. “It kind of grew from there,” Judson said. “The recognition is nice, but it’s more important that people understand and are educated about agriculture.”Molly Judson said the contest is different from other contests she’s seen involving farming and agriculture. “Contests through organizations tend to require submission of reports and things like that,” she said. “This one is based more on support from your peers and friends.”She said participants can vote once every 24 hours, and voting for the contest will last until midnight Sunday. The grand prize for the contest includes four tickets to the Mississippi State vs. University of Tennessee at Martin football game and recognition at the game as CHS Farm Family of the Year. Residents who aren’t familiar with the Judsons’ operation may have at least noticed the pink bales of cotton along Highway 45 near the farm north of West Point. Brad Judson said he read an article in a farming magazine about a Missouri farmer who wrapped his cotton in pink to honor his sister, who had died of breast cancer. West Point, MSNo author availableWest Point family up for farming contestDaily Times warns against scammers2014-10-22T10:26:01-04:002014-10-22T10:26:01-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times LeaderOfficials from 4-County Electric Power Association are urging residents to be particular in whom they trust their information.According to a 4-County statement issued to media, members have been targeted by callers claiming that customers’ security deposits must be upgraded or risk losing electric service. Another call claims members must pay over the phone or services will be terminated for non-payment. Both, 4-County officials said, are false and should be considered scams. Customers should be wary of questionable emails, as well.“We’re hearing that an increasing number of our members, residential and commercial, have received questionable phone calls or e-mails from scammers,” said 4-County Security Coordinator Jimmie Daniels. “Never give out personal information or credit card numbers, or wire money, as the result of an unexpected phone call or email – especially if you can’t validate where it’s coming from.”West Point, MSNo author available4-County warns against scammersDaily Times voting date looms2014-10-22T10:25:03-04:002014-10-22T10:25:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comWest Point and Clay County residents who won’t be in the area for the Nov. 4 general election have until noon Nov. 1 to place their absentee ballot. Clay County Chancery Clerk’s office is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. during the week and will be open until noon this Saturday and next Saturday. Residents who are 65 or older or who will be out of the county the day of the election are eligible to vote absentee. Clay County District 3 Election Commissioner Wendy Howell said residents will be required to have a photo ID to vote in the election.“We want everyone to be sure they have their voter ID,” Howell said. “Either a driver’s license, a valid student ID or a special voter ID card will work.”Clay County Election Commission Chairman Tommy Bryan said the implementation of Mississippi’s voter ID law has been smooth in Clay County, to the point of being a non-issue. He attributed this to state and local officials educating the public.West Point, MSNo author availableAbsentee voting date loomsDaily Times Auxiliary partners with BPL to host ‘Fall in Love with Reading’ program2014-10-21T11:17:08-04:002014-10-21T11:17:08-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leaderlife@dailytimesleader.comThe Junior Auxiliary of West Point (JAWP) in partnership with the Bryan Public Library are hosting the first “Fall in Love With Reading,” free event from 10:30 a.m. through noon Saturday, Oct. 25. There will be activities for children of all ages and participants will receive a free book. “As chairman of our ‘Reading Is Fun’ project, it is my goal to encourage the love of reading to all children in our community,” Ivey Ivy, of the JAWP, said. “We want to put books into the hands of children by partnering with other organizations such as the Bryan Public Library. We want to gain more partners committed to increasing early childhood literacy.” Ivy said with strong partnerships groups are able to combine resources and reach a greater number of children.“This is a joint corroboration between Ivey and myself,” Dawn Richardson, children’s librarian at the BPL, said. “The Junior Auxiliary of West Point is sending out flyers to all area elementary schools, kindergartens and child care facilities. We would love to have every child in West Point and Clay County participate.”West Point, MSNo author availableJunior Auxiliary partners with BPL to host ‘Fall in Love with Reading’ programDaily Times