The Daily Press Daily Times Leader | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-29T11:00:45-05:00 adult ministry celebrates four years, still gaining momentum2015-01-29T11:00:45-05:002015-01-29T11:00:45-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leaderlife@dailytimeleader.comThe congregation of Northsde Christian Church in West Point saw a need in the community for an adult Sunday School that would reach across denominational lines and take place during the week. Church member Margaret Shelton was one of the people who made “Tuesday Morning Sunday School” a reality. “We first started meeting at the original church across the street from where Northside Church is now,” Shelton said. “It was just a body of believers from here in West Point who wanted to dig a little deeper into the word together.”Shelton said it has expanded to taking place at Northside Christian Church in the sanctuary, as the smaller building couldn't hold everyone.West Point, MSNo author availableLocal adult ministry celebrates four years, still gaining momentumDaily Times schools to compete for scholarships2015-01-29T10:56:04-05:002015-01-29T10:56:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comEast Mississippi Community College will host its eighth annual Scholar’s Olympiad Friday at the Golden Triangle campus in Mayhew, and two West Point schools will participate in the competition.During the Olympiad, high school juniors and seniors from EMCC’s district will compete in academic, artistic and technical areas. The first-place student in each category will receive a $2,000 scholarship, with $1,000 for second place and $300 for third place. The school whose students give the best performance will also receive the overall school award. According to a media release from EMCC recruiter Michael Black, about 150 students were expected to compete in this year’s event, including participants from the West Point Career and Technology Center (CTC) and Oak Hill Academy.CTC Counselor Lona Rosetti said 15 students from the West Point school would participate in this year’s Olympiad. West Point, MSNo author availableLocal schools to compete for scholarshipsDaily Times Stoppers aid local police2015-01-29T10:54:17-05:002015-01-29T10:54:17-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleaderThe Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers (GTCS) are looking to get the word out that citizens have the option to report criminal activity while remaining anonymous and possibly receiving an award.Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said GTCS was formed in 1991 and serves Clay, Oktibbeha, Lowndes, Monroe and Noxubee counties. He said Crime Stoppers provided a valuable tool to law enforcement.“It has definitely helped us solve some cases,” Scott said. “We don’t necessarily get calls every day, but the ones we do get usually have substantial information.”West Point, MSNo author availableCrime Stoppers aid local policeDaily Times Alliance announces 2015 Hall of Fame inductees2015-01-28T10:37:05-05:002015-01-28T10:37:05-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times LeaderWith the 89th annual West Point Clay County Growth Alliance banquet scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. tomorrow, this year’s Hall of Fame inductees have been announced. The three 2015 inductees — Jackie Edwards, Bettye Jean Watson Swift and the late Jack King — were each longtime residents of West Point and recognized for service to the community.Edwards, selected for her time as an outstanding civic leader, moved to West Point in 1979 with her husband, Pete Edwards, and two sons. She has served as president of both the West Point Clay County Arts Council and Growth Alliance board of directors, in addition to having served on the Cadence Bank advisory board, Golden Triangle LINK executive board and in the West Point Junior Auxilary and West Point Garden Club. West Point, MSNo author availableGrowth Alliance announces 2015 Hall of Fame inducteesDaily Times Red system set for launch2015-01-28T10:35:37-05:002015-01-28T10:35:37-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe Clay County Board of Supervisors finalized a contract with the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District at its meeting Thursday to participate in the Code Red system. Now that the contract is in place, officials look to implement the system in February. The Code Red system is a mass information system designed to enable local government officials to record, send and track personalized messages to residents within minutes.Clay County Emergency Management Director Kerrie Gentry-Blissard said Code Red had a contract with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Jackson to intercept its notifications. The system sends information to residents who are in the path of a storm via phone or email, depending on which service the individual opts to use. “Code Red is well represented in the state, and other regions in Mississippi have utilized its services,” Blissard said. West Point, MSNo author availableCode Red system set for launchDaily Times, Clay addresses to change2015-01-28T10:34:30-05:002015-01-28T10:34:30-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comAddresses in the West Point and Clay County will change this summer as part of E911’s new mapping program. Clay County E911 Director Treva Hodge said the county partnered with Golden Triangle Planning and Development District (GTPDD) to create a more accurate and informational addressing system. She said the new system was funded with a $250,000 grant from the state, and required the city and county to split matching funds. “The city and county’s portions are about $25,000 each,” Hodge said. “It’s been a long road to get this system going and we’re nearing the end of the project.”She said the new addressing system would greatly improve emergency services in the community, as it would make first responders better able to locate emergency situations.“E911 started looking at creating an enhanced 911 database in 2008,” Hodge said. “Previously in 2001 we changed from rural routes to street addresses in the county and all of that was done on paper. We don’t have a computerized system.”<strong>To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong>West Point, MSNo author availableWP, Clay addresses to changeDaily Times address littering problem in Clay County2015-01-27T11:02:03-05:002015-01-27T11:02:03-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comYokohama Boulevard officially opened last week and, according to local officials, litter has already become a problem on the new road.Clay County District 1 Supervisor Lynn Horton said one of the most important factors in attracting new industry to the community was keeping the roads presentable.“It’s not only happening on Yokohama Boulevard, but on most of our county roads,” Horton. “That it is happening on this new road is disheartening and we hope motorists on that road will take a little more pride in their community than to throw trash out on the shoulder.”He said trash on the side of the road painted a negative picture of Clay County for visitors and potential investors.“When (Golden Triangle Development LINK CEO) Joe Max Higgins brings people in to look at us, that’s one of the things they notice,” Horton said. “We have a shortage of jobs here and we’d like to get more, so we would like a little help from our residents to keep the community clean whether you live in the city or the county.”District 3 Supervisor R.B. Davis said that, unlike the city, the county doesn’t have a recycling program and residents were responsible for picking up after themselves.West Point, MSNo author availableOfficials address littering problem in Clay CountyDaily Times Immaculate Conception Catholic Church resident priest2015-01-27T10:58:06-05:002015-01-27T10:58:06-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leaderlife@dailytimesleader.comThe Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in West Point had been without a priest for almost seven years before Father Channapanna Reddy Basani accepted an invitation to become part of the West Point parish December 2013, by the Mississippi Diocese.“I came from India to Natchez where I was a parish priest for a year,” Basani said. “There is a shortage of men joining the priesthood in the United States and the Bishop of the Jackson Mississippi Diocese is connected to the Church in India and often arranges for priests to spend from three to five years here in Mississippi. I was in Natchez for a year before I came to West Point.”Basani said his family had been converted to Catholicism more than 300 years ago. It often depends on which part of India a family resides in as to what religion it is. He said those from the southern regions are more likely to be Catholic. Basani said the most prevalent religion is Hindu, then Muslim and only 2 to 3 percent of the population is Christian. “The Catholic church in India is growing,” Basani said. “So the number of men entering the priesthood is also expanding. European and North American churches are welcoming priests from India to come and learn about the differences in the countries. I have enjoyed my time here very much.” Susan Portera, a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church said the parish is extremely pleased to have Father Basani in West Point. “Our parish thought we might not be able to have a resident priest, due to a shortage of priests,” Portera said. “However, we prayed one would come and prayers were answered when Father Basani arrived a year ago last December. Our parish had not had a resident priest for nearly seven years. During the past year Father Basani has shared his faith, his love of God and eagerness to teach.” Portera said Father Basani is a warm and compassionate person, well suited to the West Point parish. She said Father Robert Dore of Annunciation Catholic Church in Columbus held Mass every Saturday until a priest could be located. West Point, MSNo author availableNew Immaculate Conception Catholic Church resident priestDaily Times Christian launches new service organization2015-01-26T12:27:44-05:002015-01-26T12:27:44-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leaderlife@dailytimesleader.comPHEBA — Hebron Christian School in Pheba is home to the new Hebron Anchor Club. The club had its first meeting in December and installed officers Thursday night at the school.The Anchor Club, a community service based organization sponsored by local Pilot Clubs, seeks to facilitate aid among homes, school and community through its student membership. The new Hebron chapter came as the result of those in local Pilot organizations.“We Pilot Club members are so very pleased to see a new Anchor Club start in Clay County,” said Peggy Norman, Mississippi district governor-elect. “We know Talitha Hudson will do a wonderful job guiding these young people in their service to the community as an Anchor Club.”Norman said she knows the new members will work hard toward the mission of Pilot and Anchor clubs to raise awareness of brain disorders, those who give care and education to prevent brain-related injuries.West Point, MSNo author availableHebron Christian launches new service organizationDaily Times, YTMM look to begin road repair in spring2015-01-26T12:25:33-05:002015-01-26T12:25:33-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comWith growth comes growing pains, and one of the pains residents may have dealt with during the dirt hauling process of the construction of Yokohama Tire is damaged roads. There may be an end in sight for residents, however, as the Clay County Board of Supervisors voted to begin the process of repairing Barton Ferry Road, Town Creek Road and North Eshman Avenue at its meeting Thursday.Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi (YTMM) signed an agreement with the county in November 2013 to repair or restore Town Creek Road after the hauling operation was completed. YTMM agreed to pay the cost of returning Town Creek Road to its condition from before construction began. Clay County Chancery Clerk Amy Berry said road repair was not part of the county’s original memorandum of understanding with Yokohama. West Point, MSNo author availableCounty, YTMM look to begin road repair in springDaily Times