The Daily Press Daily Times Leader | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-12-18T11:22:16-05:00 tower carols drawing local attention2014-12-18T11:22:16-05:002014-12-18T11:22:16-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comWith Christmas season in full swing, those traveling through downtown West Point may have noticed the Santas, snowmen and colorful lights in shop windows. An addition to this year’s holiday atmosphere has been Christmas music emanating from the clock tower of City Hall. West Point-Clay County Growth Alliance Director Lisa Klutts said many residents had asked her about potentially playing festive music in downtown during the Christmas Open House in November.“A lot of people didn’t realize that they actually played Christmas music throughout downtown years ago,” Klutts said. “I wanted to have the music play for Christmas Open House and while people waited for the Christmas parade. That we’ve wound up playing it Monday through Friday has just been a bonus.”She said Christmas Open House typically featured musical performances from local choirs, but she wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the event without being required to perform.West Point, MSNo author availableClock tower carols drawing local attentionDaily Times school district audited2014-12-18T11:18:23-05:002014-12-18T11:18:23-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe Mississippi Office of the State Auditor released Clay County School District’s (CCSD) annual financial audit for the fiscal year ending June 30 Tuesday, and in most areas the district was found to be in compliance.According to Charles Shivers, an independent CPA hired by the State Auditor’s Office, the district’s bookkeeper initiates, prepares and enters all journal entries, and also reconciles all of the district’s bank accounts. According to the report, Shivers recommended that the district should separate the duties of the bookkeeper regarding journal entries and bank account reconciliations as much as possible.West Point, MSNo author availableCounty school district auditedDaily Times OF THE DAY: Robin Williams Most Popular Google Search Term of 20142014-12-17T14:35:49-05:002014-12-17T14:35:49-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leader<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>West Point, MSNo author availableVIDEO OF THE DAY: Robin Williams Most Popular Google Search Term of 2014Daily Times boasts another successful year2014-12-17T11:07:46-05:002014-12-17T11:07:46-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe adoption period for West Point’s Adopt-a-Family program concluded Monday, and program coordinator Rachel Pate said donations and adoptions would be able to cover all 87 families on the list. “Everything has gone wonderfully,” Pate said. “The community has really reached out to help these families.”Adopt-a-Family has operated in West Point and Clay County for more than 35 years. The goal of the program was to assist low-income families in need of toys, food, clothing and other items for Christmas.Pate said some community members adopted families, while others made monetary donations. Since the adoption period ended Monday, she said she’s been busy shopping for items.“I had about four buggies full at Walmart Tuesday,” she said. “That’s just the start. I’ll go home and check the list and take another look at what’s needed. For the families that weren’t specifically adopted, we use the monetary donations to take care of their needs.”To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableAdopt-a-Family boasts another successful yearDaily Times County church hosts annual tree lighting fundraiser2014-12-17T11:06:36-05:002014-12-17T11:06:36-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadereditor@dailytimesleader.comMembers of the Palestine United Methodist Church in Clay County are giving residents the chance to honor their friends and loved ones, particularly those who have gone before, this holiday season with the lighting of a memorial tree.Each year, the United Methodist Men’s and Women’s groups light the memorial tree, a fundraising effort in which residents may spend $5 to have one of the multicolored lights on the church’s Christmas tree lit in honor of someone dear. The money raised fromthe initiative is divided equally among the men’s and women’s groups and goes to benefit various group projects. Keith Thompson, men’s group secretary and treasurer, said money collected will be used for community outreach efforts and disaster relief, such as helping a family victimized by fire or bringing fruit baskets to the elderly and shut ins during the holiday season."It's mostly used here in the community," Thompson said. "Like if people have someone sick in the hospital and need help with travel money or a place to stay or families in the area need assistance — just basic stuff in the community."To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableClay County church hosts annual tree lighting fundraiserDaily Times project closer to start2014-12-17T11:03:04-05:002014-12-17T11:03:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comWest Point was approved for the 2013 HOME Project Grant through the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) in July, and the city looks to get the ball rolling on construction at the beginning of the year.The $378,214 grant was part of a home rehabilitation project to demolish and rebuild four dilapidated houses in West Point at no cost to the owner, according to Golden Triangle Planning and Development District Housing Specialist Spencer Broocks.“MDA received $3.9 million from the state to fund each grant, and it was a very competitive program,” Broocks said. “More than 60 local government bodies in Mississippi applied for the grant, and only 13 received funding.” He said the city was in the process of doing title searches on the four properties. Once the title search is complete - and the titles are cleared - the city would moves on to environmental surveys and asbestos inspections. To subscribe to the E-edition, please <a href="/eedition">click here</a>.</strong></p>West Point, MSNo author availableHOME project closer to startDaily Times‘Queen of Club Ebony’ to sign memorabilia at local restaurant2014-12-16T11:22:39-05:002014-12-16T11:22:39-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leaderlife@dailytimesleader.comFor those interested in owning a piece of blues history, Mary Shepherd, Queen of the legendary Club Ebony in Indianola, will be signing her autobiography, posters, T-shirts and a DVDinterview with Bobby Rush from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Main Street Market in West Point. Shepherd has made her home in West Point. Carol Lummus, owner of Main Street Market, said she is happy to welcome Shepherd back to the restaurant. “Mary is one of the sweetest people I've ever met,” Lummus said. “It is pretty neat that we have a blues legend living right here in West Point. She has an extensive knowledge of the history of the blues and met dozens of famous musicians over the years.”Lummas said she admires Shepherd's tenacity. After suffering a stroke and being told she would never walk again, Shepherd is walking and traveling, Lummus said. “I've worked hard throughout my life,” Shepherd said. “Young people need to learn where the music they listen to today started. You couldn't have rap or hip hop without the blues. Blues comes from the depths of your soul.”West Point, MSNo author available‘Queen of Club Ebony’ to sign memorabilia at local restaurantDaily Times Point to offer curbside recycling2014-12-16T11:12:26-05:002014-12-16T11:12:26-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comAfter looking to initiate a full curbside recycling program for residents inside the city limits earlier in the year, the city is back on track with its recycling service.West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson said the program was previously offered to both West Point and Clay County residents through an agreement with Waste Pro out of Tupelo. When the program didn’t profit, Waste Pro ended its recycling pick-up services to the region. “After that, the city formed a recycling committee to come up with some possible solutions,” Robinson said. “We had some residents who’d already signed up for the service, so we started picking it up in the city limits and using a private company to separate recyclables and sell it.”West Point, MSNo author availableWest Point to offer curbside recyclingDaily Times robbery suspect sought2014-12-16T11:10:46-05:002014-12-16T11:10:46-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times LeaderLocal police are seeking information on an alleged armed robbery in West Point. According to a West Point Police Department statement to media, about 7 p.m. Sunday officers responded to the Internet Cafe on Highway 50 in response to an armed robbery. Witnesses told police that an unidentified black man wearing a black coat, dark pants, glasses and a toboggan entered the business and brandished a small caliber handgun. The suspect reportedly told patrons to remain seated before pointing the weapon at the clerk and demanding money from the register.According to the incident report, the clerk put an undisclosed amount of cash in to a bag, and the suspect ran south from the scene. No suspects had been arrested as of Monday.West Point, MSNo author availableArmed robbery suspect soughtDaily Times looks to fill fire chief spot2014-12-16T11:09:45-05:002014-12-16T11:09:45-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Times Leadernews@dailytimesleader.comThe West Point Fire Department has been without a chief since Johnny Littlefield stepped down in May, but city officials look to have the position filled in January.West Point Chief Administrative Officer Randy Jones said he, along with the the city’s public safety office, completed the interview process Thursday.“We did our interviews and we look to make a decision in the next few weeks,” Jones said. “There won’t be an announcement until the Jan. 13 selectmen meeting.Jones said the city looked at seven applicants from WPFD, as West Point’s personnel police requires it to consider in-house applicants first.“We have seven good, capable candidates,” he said. “The board can still decide to look elsewhere, but we started out in-house.”West Point, MSNo author availableCity looks to fill fire chief spotDaily Times