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Where else but the SEC?

November 7, 2012

Alabama has almost been dominated the whole game against a number five ranked LSU who possibly has played their best game all season. Yet facing a 17-14 deficit, a glimmer of hope was given to the Crimson Tide. LSU’s Drew Alleman’s missed field goal with less than 2 minutes to go in the game allowed Alabama’s Heisman Trophy hopeful A.J. McCarron to lead a drive which will forever go down in Crimson Tide lore. McCarron took about three plays before he found true freshman T.J. Yeldon on a screen pass allowing Yeldon to scamper into the end zone from 28 yards out. The game clinching touchdown drive allowed Alabama to survive Death Valley and go on to win 21-17 remaining unbeaten.
Many people think this game happens once a year in a conference or maybe this occurrence is a non-conference game to bolster a team’s national title hopes in the BCS. On the contrary when it comes to SEC play, almost every weekend in conference play a top ranked ball club takes on another top ranked ball club. These teams line up and usually fight all four quarters, sometimes coming down to the final possession. No matter who lines up across from any team in the SEC, they know they’ll have to fight tooth and nail for a victory.
Critics call these SEC battles for dominance boring or old fashion. Some do not think these teams are not really that good outside of their conferences, and that the SEC could not survive in games outside the SEC. Some cynics believe that the SEC has missed the boat on the fad of no huddle high speed offenses. Yet time and time again, the SEC powers continue to prove the critics wrong.            
A traditional powerhouse conference, the SEC has claimed multiple national titles prior to the incarnation of the BCS. The SEC is 8-1 as a conference in the BCS title game. That lone loss came from Alabama defeating conference rival LSU last year in the title game, so really not a loss just an SEC team inevitably had to take the loss. Currently the SEC holds a 6 national championships streak spread out amongst five different programs (Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and LSU). Many say that this dominance has come from a biased, corrupt BCS which favors an SEC champion.
         I disagree; the SEC is a miniature NFL where high power offenses take on smash mouth defenses. A place where a 240 pound middle linebacker in some conferences, can be considered a true running back that carries the ball like Barry Sanders and hits like Herschel Walker. The SEC is somewhere that creates 300 plus pounds defensive linemen that run 4.8’s in the forty yard dash. This Southeastern Conference is heaven for any true, blue blooded football aficionado, a person that appreciates the power I and understands the intricacies of a corner blitz. Never will the SEC Saturday games be a track meet like in the PAC-12, these conference games are a war which hold four battles and one hundred thousand screaming fans to witness greatness.
I challenge everyone who reads this article to watch a Big Ten game, a SEC game, and a PAC-12 game. I guarantee when watching the Big Ten game you may question why these players are not as fast or why that game is over by halftime because of the major gap in competition level between the teams. When you watch the PAC-12 game, your head may spin because of the missed tackles and inability to put together a defense that can stop even a basic run play. But when you watch the SEC game, you’ll see two evenly match teams that could defeat any team on any given Saturday. Two teams that will fight for all four quarters and a game that will come down to the wire.
This conference is the SEC. This game they play is real football. And no one else in the country will be able to ever touch or compete with the SEC teams that I watch every weekend in the fall.

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