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Summerall: Safe places

December 15, 2012

It was heartbreaking to hear of the school shooting in Connecticut that took the lives of 26 people, 20 of whom were children. Adam Lanza is the person who decided that killing these innocent people and then himself was a good idea. All these parents put their children on a school bus or dropped them off at a place they considered safe. School. I take my own girls to West Point High every morning and fully expect to pick them up. I can’t imagine the horror and anguish of these parents on learning that someone was on a shooting spree at the school and not knowing if their children were safe or not. Who would ever think that their child is not safe in their routine of going to school?
Adam Lanza’s mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. How many times did he come and walk through those halls to talk to his mother. The staff probably all knew him by name. How many people now wish there had been a metal detector for him to pass through? How many wish they had stopped him and talked to him and noticed if he were acting strangely? Hindsight is always 20/20.
We are lucky here in West Point. There are security personnel at all the schools keeping a vigilant watch over who comes in or out. Even though I am known at every school for coming and taking photos and doing a story, I still have to sign in and identify myself. It’s now standard operating procedure in the West Point School District. It should be the same all over the country so no strange person who doesn’t belong there can come in and cause harm. Our children don’t need to be afraid to go to school. The schools should be commended for the tight security. Keeping children safe. What could be more important?

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