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Summerall: I like to see him cry

February 2, 2013

The Super Bowl is always the grand spectacle that ends the football season for another year. You have so much hope for your team when they start pre-season play at the end of August. The slate is clean and as long as they weren’t totally abysmal the year before, you hope to still see them at the end of the season. Saints fans haven’t always had the opportunity for hope.
During the 70’s when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Terry Bradshaw, were the team and quarterback to beat, New Orleans Saints season ticket holders were sitting in an almost empty Superdome with paper bags over their heads. There were high hopes for the Saints when Archie Manning was drafted. (From the National Champion Ole Miss Rebels no less) The problem was, nobody had drafted a team. He spent his career a lovable loser with the team famous for losing. Saints fans had little hope, but they always loved their team and supported them.
Drew Brees and Sean Payton brought pride to the Saints. They brought something that fans had never had. The dream. The dream to actually see their team in a Superbowl. During that magic season we watched Drew Brees have a perfect game against the one team everyone in my house hates. The New England Patriots. (Boo! Hiss!) I have a friend in Rhode Island who starts in on me about how great the Patriots, Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick (better know as Bill Beelzebub) are going to be. He makes me sick. The Patriots make me sick. Unless they lose. I really like to see them lose. Drew Brees brought them to their knees in that wonderful year of 2009.
Soooo, this year begins and all of a sudden everyone is finger pointing at the Saints. Scandal about bounty’s put on players, hurting people on purpose, fines, Sean Peyton is not allowed to coach for the year, the secondary is wiped out by suspensions. (Sigh) I was under the impression that this was FOOTBALL not patty cake. Ok, my hopes are put on hold this year, that’s okay. Sean and Drew and the defensive team will be back next year. The only thing I want is to NOT see the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. Every time they win a game I get a text message from Dave they they are Superbowl bound, Tom Brady will soon have more Superbowl rings than Terry Bradshaw!
The AFC Championship comes up and those pesky Patriots are still in it. I do not want to listen to Dave for a whole year. I become an instant Ravens fan. Yay! They beat the Patriots.
As far as the game goes this year, I’m still pulling for the Ravens, simply because they beat the Patriots and made Tom Brady cry. One of these days I’m going to see Drew Brees make him cry. Then I’ll be happy.

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