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So whatcha think, West Point?

January 22, 2013

Today the Daily Times Leader is proud to launch a new weekly newspaper feature, which shares the opinions and viewpoints of Clay County residents and residents in surrounding counties on different things happening locally, statewide or nationally. We hope you as readers will enjoy this new feature, as we wanted to bring you one through which you’re able to hear from your friends, neighbors and fellowmen on occurrences that have a major affect on them and perhaps have an affect on you. Check out the So whatcha think, West Point? section each week to get eye-opening insight from those in your very own community.
In the first So whatcha think, West Point? feature we asked four citizens to share their assessment of President Barack Obama’s time as president over the last four years and what they would like to see done over the next four years during Obama’s second term in office. Here’s what these citizens had to say:

~ Irene Lenoir ~ “To me, he’s done a great job through what he’s had to work with, and I am truly proud of him. I wish him much success in his next four years because he’s going to need it. With what he’s had to deal with I think he’s done a good job continuing with the debt ceiling, his effort to work on social security and Medicare, bringing the troops home from Iraq and the success with the capture of Bin Laden. I admire his courage.
I think his views and his vision are great and it would be greater if he had everybody to cooperate with him because I think he’s done a wonderful job. If he can continue keeping social security and Medicare steady and not have the consumers pay so much out of their pockets that would be great for me. Also, continuing his effort on gun control because I think that’s a major issue.”

~ Lynette Armstrong ~ “I don’t think he did too good (over the last four year) because he keeps saying we’re coming back out and building and all of that. You know West Point – unemployment is terrible. I just don’t think he did as good as we thought he was going to do. I was just disappointed. I would love to see more people have jobs. I think that would make for less crime. That’s my main concern. Also not to fool with social security, Medicare, Medicaid – just leave it alone. Any kind of retirement, these folks have worked all these years to put in it – don’t take it away from them. I don’t know how they’re going to accomplish that, but that’s what I wish.”

~ Bobby Jolly ~ “He didn’t do anything the first four years, and I don’t feel he’s going to do anything the next four years. He doesn’t work for anybody. He tries to do what he wants to do himself excluding other people in what his decisions are. We have been in debt trillions of dollars since he’s been in there. He’s put us in debt so high that he can’t pull himself out even in the next 20 years. He just doesn’t think about what the people needs; all he thinks about is what he wants.”

~Michael Davis ~ “His intentions were good to help the American people overall by subsidizing certain industry to get back on their feet. Due to lack of interest from other individuals – I understand them saying, ‘We don’t want to get into debt’, but the thing is it’s like buying a home; you might not have the money, but you need to get a loan to have some place to stay. You go into debt and hope for the outcome to be better. What I would like to see him do for the next four years is continue to help with the educational program that he has made available to students and also give people a helping hand. It’s a time for need right now due to the current employment shortages. The other things I would like for him to do is to stop sending so many jobs oversees. I know he didn’t do that, he didn’t set up the world trade organization, but right now we’re seeing the effects. They say everything’s cheaper this
way, but what happened is we don’t have any work now.”

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