Oak Hill football: Five Swing Games

Staff Writer


The Raiders finished the last game of the year in 2016 taking on Deer Creek Academy. They weren’t able to overcome some first half mistakes and fell to Deer Creek 28-7.

The Raiders will get Deer Creek in the first game of the season this year, essentially playing them in back-to-back games. Deer Creek has the athletes to consistently move the football down the field, but Oak Hill was able to contain them for most of the contest last year.

If they can play as well as they did on the defensive side this year, and move the football consistently, they’ll have an opportunity to start the season 1-0.


In an instant classic of a game, the Raiders fell short to Winona Christian last season, but they’ll get an opportunity to invoke revenge on the Stars in the first district game of the season.

The Stars are an extremely athletic group, and that’ll allow them to do different things on the offensive side of the football. Oak Hill scored consistently against them last season, and while they lost some play makers from the 2016 season, they’ll have every opportunity to star the district out with a 1-0 record.


The Rebels will head to West Point this upcoming season. Oak Hill fell short against them last year, but they played well on the offensive side of the football.

Carrol was a juggernaut on the defensive side of the football, but the Raiders were able to put up 31 points on them and almost came out with a victory on the road in district play.

Oak Hill struggled somewhat on the defensive side of the football, but they contained Carrol enough to give themselves an opportunity to come out with the victory.


You need to win your home games in district play, and this game will be huge for Oak Hill from that regard.

Columbus Christian was able to have a big night on the ground last year against the Raiders, and that allowed them to control the clock. They lost a lot of their players off of the 2016 team, so they likely won’t be as potent as they were on the offensive side in 2016.

Oak Hill was able to move the football on them all night long, but some untimely turnovers wound up costing them a chance to come away with a victory.


The Raiders and West Memphis played one of the best games of the year last season, as sophomore kicker Grayson Easterling kicked a game winning field goal as the clock expired to give Oak Hill a 17-14 victory.

West Memphis was able to control the clock for much of the first half, but after halftime Oak Hill caused some turnovers and didn’t allow them to control the clock, and at that point the Raider’s offense took over.

They’ll have to give the return trip to West Memphis late in the season, so it’ll be one of the tougher non-district matchups of the season.