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New Year’s weight-loss challenge requires perseverance to succeed

January 3, 2014


One of the better aspects of a brand new year is the tabula rasa (or blank slate) component. Better referred to as a new year’s “resolution,” individuals will set a moment aside to establish a list of dos and don’ts for the next 365 calendar days. Oftentimes weight loss or physique improvements make their ways onto a multitude of resolutions. But it’s more than just making it a resolution, it’s a routine that requires constant effort.
Tracy Stebbins, director of the North Mississippi Medical Wellness Center (WC), said there’s always a “huge influx” of traffic traveling in and out of the center come a fresh year.
“It’s the biggest influx of people interested in beginning an exercise program or healthy eating habits,” said Stebbins. “There’s no tally on the score sheet yet — everything’s new and people can plan perfectly.”
Stebbins said the WC notices about a 20 percent increase in volume following the new year.
However, the new year’s buzz, as it were, tends to fade away.

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