New DNA sampling law takes effect Oct. 1

Josh Presley
News Reporter

Beginning Oct. 1, a new law takes effect in Mississippi which will require every individual arrested for a violent crime to submit to DNA sampling.
Senate Bill 2430 will require individuals arrested for murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, rape, sexual battery, sexual abuse, human trafficking, aggravated assault and burglary of a dwelling must provide a DNA sample to be sent to the state crime lab. The samples will be maintained by the crime lab in a DNA database.
West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley said the new law would provide another tool for law enforcement to be able to better prosecute violent crimes.
"This is not an option for us, it's a state statute," Brinkley said. "The statute doesn't allow any alternative to giving a DNA sample."
He said the testing would mostly be done by mouth swab, which officers across the state undergoing training throughout the past month.